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The Story of Mighty Mouse, Part 2

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on June 2, 2011

It has been a year since Mighty Mouse came to live with us. There were hard times. There were easy times. But they were always the best times because they with Mouse. Our whole family instantly became enamored with this little spit-fire of a horse. From the moment my mother-in-law saw him at the adoption, she loved him. When he got home, the rest of the family quickly followed suit. My father-in-law, “Pa”, was a horseman of sorts in his younger days but has not been around them in a few decades. It took all of about 2.5 seconds for Mouse and Pa to become fast friends. Even when Mouse was mad at everyone else for whatever reason or another, Pa could walk out in the pasture straight up to him with no problems. Talking with Sandra awhile back, I realized in our conversation just how much Mouse meant to me. I’ve had horses all of my life, literally. From the time I was 11 months old, my Grammaw would mount me behind the harness knobs of her plow horse to plow the fields. She used to make me laugh when she’d tell me about it; said she had to wait until I could sit up on my own before she could get the fields done “properly”. I’ve had all kinds of horses, from the old plow horse to the best-bred barrel and cutting horses. But never before have I had a horse that was so kind, so gentle, and yet such a spunky one! Mouse is unlike any horse I have ever owned or even been around. He has the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen. He actually listens when I talk to him. (Seriously, we have full length conversations!) LOL we even watch our soaps together in the barn! (One Life to Live & All My Children are his favorites :D) I know some of this sounds silly, but the relationship shared between me and Mouse is one of extraordinary uniqueness. And neither of us would have it any other way. He is most definitely an Ambassador for the American Wild Mustang. So, without further adieu… 

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are proud to present… 

The Story of Mighty Mouse, Part 2!


19 Responses to “The Story of Mighty Mouse, Part 2”

  1. Apologies ahead of time for some of the video’s shakiness… Keeping up with Mighty Mouse turned out to be quite the chore! And yes, it takes just a bit to load if you don’t have high speed internet or broadband, but it’s definitely worth any wait 🙂




    • Ms. Shirley, thank you and you’re welcome. We have been so anxious to get this one published over the past week. I must have changed the sequences a million times and I poured over 3 drafts before this final piece. Mouse has given us so much love and knowledge that he deserved the absolute best I could produce. Thank you – and everyone – for all of the support and extended love for this wonderful little Mustang!

  3. Eileen Coe said

    Thank you for sharing! Mighty Mouse is beautiful and what a sensitive soul! Thanks to people like you who do
    so much for the Mustangs!!

  4. Puller Lanigan said

    What a beautiful, funny and happy boy!!! Loved him and your mare rolling…too funny! Nice touch at the end…so many left behind.

    • Hey Puller! Mouse is definitely a barrel of laughs 😀 It’s so funny when he goes to roll… his but sticks straight up in the air like a dog LOL!
      It just didn’t seem right to not include the wild ones. Mouse is still a “wild one” of sorts, but he’s also an ambassador for those still in peril. Thanks so much for the continued support!

  5. reveil said

    He really seems like a lot of fun, kind of like your best friend. Very cool, and thanks for sharing.

  6. sandra longley said

    Choked up from begining to end… Happy birthday to you and Mouse – he’s a born again Texan now – and T’s shadow… and as India and Mouse might say “and thats how we roll”… Mouse was born under a lucky star to have found you in all this mess… great video and music T… thanks for the tears with my morning coffee.

    • I love it! “And that’s how we roll!” 😀 Its definitely something they’d say! Sorry for the tears but I owed ya one after that video of Stacy Westfall and Roxy LOL
      Thanks for keeping us sane in all this mess… You’ve been the bestest Auntie Sandra Mouse could’ve found!

  7. Sure glad this horse has this relatively free life, Tracie.

    • Craig! Long time no chat! So glad you stopped by and thanks for the support. Hope that all is well with you and yours. Maybe we’ll catch up out West this season. As always, stay safe!

      • Thanks Tracie. I am fighting to prevent he crippling of the wild herds and have been out in the desert a lot disproving the claims by BLM and exposing their flimsy excuses for gutting these herds through the helicopter roundups. Am praying for a turn around now in the 40th anniversary of the Act. Hope you are keeping as cool as possible. Heard about the sweltering heat! Best wishes, Craig

        • Hey Craig,
          I am so glad you are out there. Nothing will ever change without science, and you my friend have quite a vast knowledge base regarding ecology, etc. I recently finished reading the new Wild Horse Annie book. It was a truly amazing book, but most shocking of all was the references made to the arguments Mrs. Johnston made to the BLM in her efforts followed by the responses from BLM personnel. THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME ARGUMENTS/RESPONSES WE SEE NOW – sometimes even verbatim. Its absolutely absurd! I pray for the same, and pray for you all out in the field.
          Trying our best to keep cool, however we on our 20th or so day straight of 100+ degree weather and our heat indices are continually above 105. The only good part of it right now is that we seem to be having a small break from the drought conditions – and the wildfires! But, when it does get hot like this we can always head for the ponds – usually find the horses there already LOL!
          Many prayers of success sent your way! As always, stay safe!!!

  8. R Thompson said

    MF*T* …

    You’ve already heard what I think at length about how I love the way MM moves over ground with impulsion, yada yada. He’s really nice afoot…what with innate roll backs and all that. I am jealous. Period.

    Now, heh heh, soon it will be time for you to grab a bunchy of mane, slide up slowly, and go “Comanche” …. and please post photos of you in the dirt if you get tossed. 🙂 My guess is MM would just stop and stand there and horse laugh at you.

    Yee haw.

    • Sir, you have given me a much needed hearty laugh this fine full-moon-lit evening. It is almost 2230hrs, I am waiting for the last of the critters to finish eating and exit the barn for the night. It’s definitely been a long (and hotter-than-hell) day/night.
      Yes, I do agree with your conclusion of going “Comache style” with MM, at least the part about him turning around to laugh should I find myself in the dirt. As we have discussed at length, MM hasn’t given me the go ahead just yet to begin such endeavors, and I am more than happy to be patient with him. After all, he was not adopted for his skills as a riding companion or a ranch hand. His adoption was one of a horse in great need of something waaaaaayy better to do with his time, and one of a sort of “rescue” if you will due to the unsavory character interested in him for the impulsion and fluid movements you speak of above.
      All in good time, yes, all in good time.

  9. […] The Story of Mighty Mouse, Part 2 […]

  10. Tracie, Loved getting a glimpse of you and Mighty Mouse, and seeing you interact with your horses. He is quite the Pied Piper and his persistence in staying with the herd shows they are hard wired to do that, no matter what. Piute rips up an down the fence and hollers; and his calls continue for Shelby when we go down the road, even out of his site. And that wonderful horse India~wow what a good sport and trustworthy mount. You are an accoplished horsewoman and a lovely person, and I’ll look forward to hearing more about your adventures with the big “M”. Kim

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