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High Rock & Calico Gathers to be Conducted Simultaneously…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on June 24, 2011

BLM Says: “The High Rock Complex Gather is being coordinated with the Calico Complex Gather proposed by the Winnemucca BLM District’s Black Rock Field Office in Fall/Winter 2011.” 

Advocates Ask: “Why?” (rather sarcastically I might add…)

According to the High Rock Complex Gather EA, BLM states the following:

“The benefit of coordinating these wild horse gathers is that it affords the BLM the opportunity to gather wild horses that have moved out of their designated HMAs (due to gather pressure) and have moved into adjacent areas which are subject to different administrative jurisdiction. In the past, horses that have moved out of the prescribed gather area during operations have not been gathered. By coordinating the High Rock and Calico Gathers to occur consecutively, the effective gather area would be increased, thereby improving gather success rates and the ability to achieve the AML within this broader area.”

The High Rock Complex is managed by the Surprise Field Office in California and consists of the Bitner, Fox-Hog, High Rock, Nut Mountain, and Wall Canyon HMAs, along with the Nut Mountain HMA. There is some minuscule light shining at the end of the tunnel though. In the first paragraph of the High Rock EA, BLM states the following:

“The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Surprise Field Office is proposing to implement a population management operation for wild horses in order to achieve desired population levels within the Bitner, Fox-Hog, High Rock, Nut Mountain, and Wall Canyon Herd Management Areas (HMAs), and from adjacent public lands outside of these designated HMAs. This would entail gathering and removing excess horses from four HMAs (Bitner, Fox-Hog, High Rock, and Wall Canyon) and potentially adding horses to one HMA (Nut Mountain). The Nut Mountain HMA did not have excess animals at the time of the last population inventory. All HMAs will be managed for Appropriate Management Levels.”

Whether or not this actually occurs will be the question on everyone’s lips from now until then. The Tri-State MOU includes the following Wild Horse Areas:

  • FWS Oregon: Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge
  • BLM Oregon, Lakeview District: Beatys Butte HMA
  • BLM California, Surprise Field Office: Bitner, Massacre Lakes, Nut Mountain, Wall Canyon, High Rock, Fox Hog HMAs
  • FWS Nevada: Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge
  • BLM Nevada, Winnemucca District: Granite, Calico Mountains, Black Rock West, Black Rock East, Warm Springs, McGee Mountain HMAs

Contact Info:

Rolando R. Mendez
Field Manager
Bureau of Land Management
Black Rock Field Office
5100 E. Winnemucca Blvd.
Winnemucca, NV 89445

Comments need to be writing and should reference High Rock Complex Wild Horse Roundup, the specific document you are referencing, and include applicable section or page numbers.

Comments may be mailed toBureau of Land Management Surprise Field Office, P.O. Box 460, Cedarville, CA 96104, or emailed to: CA High Rock Complex Horse Roundup


Tri-State Calico Complex Wild Horse and Burro Gather PEA (Public comment period ends July 18, 2011)

High Rock Complex Wild Horse and Burro Roundup  (Comments will be accepted until July 15, 2011)

For many, many more NEPA documents from the Surprise & Winnemucca Offices, click here…

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Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge Reviewing Plans to Remove All Wild Horses and Burros

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 4, 2010


Quick Message from the TMP Team:
Everyone, please remember that this site is not now, nor has it ever been run, operated, or affiliated with the BLM, WH&B Program, or the FWS. Any and all comments that are directed at these agencies need to be sent to those agencies directly as they will not receive them from TMP. TMP is a place for open views and open discussions, as well as a place for information distribution. You are welcome to post any comments directed at any of these agencies here as a “vent” or rant because let’s face it, we all need to do that sometimes. Just please remember that you also need to send them directly to those agencies as we cannot do so for you.
Thank you,
The TMP Team

The Sheldon NWR has revised their management plans to include alternatives that would remove all wild horses and burros from within its boundaries. Sheldon has a wild horse management program currently in place at the refuge, but according to refuge staff the number of horses is still too great. Paul Steblein is the project leader at the refuge.  

“What we’re talking about is having one place in the West that has great sagebrush habitat, where wildlife species that are declining can prosper,” Steblein said. “If we want to preserve the natural heritage of the Great Basin, Sheldon is a critical refuge for conservation, and the wild horses make that impossible.” 

The revision to the existing management plan for the NWR includes three action alternatives for Horse and Burro Management. The first is the “No Action Alternative”, which says to continue their current plan of “maintaining relatively stable populations of approximately 800 horses and 80 burros. Populations would continue to be controlled through gathers, adoption, sanctuary, and contraception.” 

The second action alternative is a little more proactive, and is also preferred by the NWR. The “Intensive Management Alternative” includes plans to remove all feral horses and burros within 5 years, and a statement of the following:  

“In addition to the No Action Alternative, include the option for sale or auction if other methods of population control are ineffective.” 

The third action alternative is a little less aggressive but has the same end result of no horses or burros within NWR boundaries. The “Low Intensity Management Alternative” stretches the deadline for eviction to Read the rest of this entry »

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