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Posted by Texas Mustang Project on June 3, 2011

Please cross post on Friday, June 3! TIME SENSITIVE!
(and even if you have)
Today is the deadline to get SB364, the horse tripping ban, brought back up as an emergency measure. The problem we’re facing is that there is a pile of bills that the Legislature has to get through before Monday, so it’s not that these people don’t care, it’s a matter of what issues are given priority. Please call and/or email and encourage these leaders of their respective houses to let SB364 get to the floor for a vote. Nevada’s reputation and the welfare of a number of unfortunate horses hang in the balance!
Thanks “:O) Willis

The original messages are posted below.
On 6/1/2011 7:31 AM, Willis Lamm wrote:

IMPORTANT – CRITICALLY TIME SENSITIVE! Please cross post and respond today, June 1st.
We have a chance at a Hail Mary pass on SB364 (horse tripping.) The Legislature may consider a rules waiver so that the bill can be voted on before the legislative session ends this Friday. I’m forwarding a message from Eric Mills on the subject. Please take a minute and call the legislators listed in his message. Please be polite and responsible, but please urge them to let this bill come up for a vote. Nevada and its horses shouldn’t suffer because a committee was hoodwinked by people who misrepresented the facts in testimony.  But we literally have just a few hours to get a waiver signed.
PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE YOU GET DISTRACTED. The hourglass is nearly empty on this one.
“:O) Willis

[Begin forwarded message]
Thanks to the tireless efforts of lobbyist Beverlee McGrath, and Senators Mark Manendo and Allison Copening, there’s a good chance that Senator Copening’s bill to ban horse tripping, SB 364, could be resurrected in the next day or two. But the effort needs your help.
As you likely know, the current Nevada Legislative Session ends this Friday, June 3.
I got a call from Beverlee late this afternoon with some promising news.  It seems that SB 364 may be brought up again this week for A VOTE ONLY (no more discussion, no amendments, since the bill has already had a full hearing in the Senate Natural Resources Committee chaired by Senator Manendo).
Here’s the deal: Senator Steven Horsford (D-Las Vegas), Senate Majority Leader, together with Assembly member John Oceguera (D-Las Vegas), Speaker of the Assembly, must BOTH sign the waiver to resurrect SB 364, apparently for another committee vote, followed by a full floor vote. A long shot, but possible…
PLEASE EMAIL AND/OR CALL THEM ASAP (PREFERABLY TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY MORNING), and ask that they do just that: PLEASE SIGN THE WAIVER TO RESURRECT SB 364. Emphasize that this bill would in NO WAY affect American-style rodeo, and that nine other states have already passed similar legislation. It’s time for Nevada to follow suit.
SENATOR STEVEN HORSFORD              —      tel. 775/684-1429
ASSEMBLYMEMBER JOHN OCEGUERA  —    tel. 775/684-8595
And please ask all your friends to do likewise. These abused horses should not have to wait another two years for relief.
Many thanks,
Eric Mills, Coordinator


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