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Documents & Evidence

These pages contain the documents and evidence presented regarding this issue. I have tried to include material from all parties involved, as many as I could obtain of said documents and evidence, from throughout this project. All documents and evidence are “AS IS” meaning that they are posted here in the same manner as they were given to me. I have not altered any of the documents in any way, save for spelling errors and formatting errors where possible to allow for better viewing.

“Contrary to popular belief, everyone is NOT entitled to their own opinion. If you don’t know the facts, your opinion doesn’t count.” – Andy Rooney

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”  – Harlan Ellison

“Do you know what we call opinion in the absence of evidence? We call it prejudice.”  – Michael Crichton (State of Fear)

BLM Wild Horse Gathers – Documents & Evidence

Calico Complex HMA 2009-2010 Gather Documents & Evidence

BLM Internal Documents & Evidence Laws, Regulations, Policies, Court Decisions, Instruction Memoranda, Budget and Fiscal Information, Etc.  

Land Resource, Planning & Management Documents & Evidence

Ruby Pipeline, LLC Related Documents & Evidence

Energy Projects Affecting the Western 11 States Documents & Evidence

From the World of Veterinary Medicine, Equine Health Related Documents & Evidence

Wild Horse & Burro Related Contact Information

“Other” Documents & Evidence (Various other documents & evidence collected, FOIA Documents, Legislation, etc.)

In keeping with the spirit of TMP, this information is posted here for informational purposes and “the other side of the story”. As Monty attributes his knowledge of the Language of Equus to the American Wild Mustang, I felt it was only fitting that this information be examined further. So, I have read both books in question – the first book many years ago and now this one.  I will retain my opinion for the moment as to which I believe. As always, I encourage each of you to judge for yourselves and not to stop at the first red light you find, but continue down the road until your curiosity can’t take anymore!

Horse Whispers & Lies: The Truth Matters – In his book, The Man Who Listens to Horses, Monty Roberts accuses his father of heinous actions toward horses and humans. His Dateline NBC appearance was interrupted when Monty walked off the set due to uncontrollable emotions while speaking of his childhood. Millions the world over changed their perceptions of horse training methodology towards a kinder and gentler form of communication vs. the archaic violent methods. While this feat alone is worth a million heralds, Monty’s remaining family members paid the price for his success. In their “rebuttal” of sorts, you can read what they and “those who were there” have to say.

Horse Whispers & Lies is still free for a limited time to those who register.  You must register to access the book. Your information is not shared. You won’t be contacted unless you contact us. Funny thing about truth – it has a way of pushing to the surface when least expected. Read the Book.

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  4. susan rudnicki said

    Hi —just got back from the Intn’l Equine Welfare Conference in Virginia and learned a lot of scientifically based evidence for the stress of capture, the egregious behavior which is carried out by the BLM and congressional and legal avenues to fight for decades of overdue change in this ossified and arrogant agency. Will you cover these important events? I am guessing not, as I could just go to BLM’s website and read all the same stuff you post here. The new head, Joan Guilfoyle, would not even take questions from the audience after “introducing” herself and her “communications” qualifications for the job. Her handlers, Dean Bolstad and Ed Roberson kept a short leash on her and scowled from the back of the room on the one day they deigned to attend. The science up against their old style “cowboy mentality” and lack of people skills is rapidly catching up to them. Too much research on the cellular level to justify our charges of cruelty and mismanagement of the BLM WH&B taxpayer boondoggle is coming out for them to refute. As the OIG report of April 2010 pointed out “…to date, Interior (BLM inclusive) has NEVER HAD a comprehensive scientific integrity policy…without sound policies to protect the scientific community and general public from potentially flawed scientific research, data, and publications, Interior’s reputation and its Public trust are at risk” That just about sums up their scandalously shallow and deficient EA process used to justify every “gather” Please unsubscribe me from this listing thank-you

    • Actually Susan, I have spent the past several days going over notes from the Conference and speaking with several friends who were also in attendance to get some sort of “summary” together for those – who like myself – couldn’t get away from the farm and be in attendance.
      It seems that you under the impression that TMP would not have any different opinions or information than that of BLM. While yes, there are a very small handful of topics that we share the same opinion on, there are a multitude more that we do not share. And yes, we do post some of the same information as BLM does because we re-post the BLM news posts and gather information so that it can be brought together in one place versus the labyrinth that is the BLM’s websites.
      You seem to be angry or at least agitated by the BLM Officials present at the Conference. I am sorry that I do not yet have the full story but from what I have gathered thus far, I will likely be just as angry and agitated by their lack of participation.
      As for the rest of the information included in your comment, I assure that I am just as frustrated by the lack of true science behind an incredibly large percentage of the decisions made by BLM / WH&B. It is for this reason that most of us are here, and that most of us are educating ourselves daily in attempts to find better management options and solutions that ARE based in true science.
      If you wish to unsubscribe, that is your choice. We are sorry that you feel this way, but we wish you success in your advocacy efforts.

      Thank you,
      T. and the TMP Team

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