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~ Welcome to TMP ~

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on October 15, 2010

Welcome Y’all! We’re so glad you stopped by! Please feel free to browse all of our pages & soak up the info! This blog page functions more like a typical website, with tabs at the top for the different pages. There are a ton of great documents posted here containing information about the American Wild Mustang & his plight. *If you are new to TMP, please take a moment to read our page “What this blog is all about…”. If you have any questions – any at all – please feel free to post them! The TMP Team will be happy to answer for you, and remember: there are no stupid questions! Thanks! The TMP Team


All documents previously posted in this section but no longer posted here have been moved to the TMP’s Blog Pages “Documents & Evidence” or “Quotes and Proverbs”. In the meantime, if there are any links that do not work, please let us know ASAP so we can fix ‘em. Thanks! The TMP Team

Quick Message from the TMP TeamEveryone, please remember that TMP is not now – nor has it ever been – run, operated, or affiliated with the BLM, WH&B Program, or the FWS. Any & all comments that are directed @ these agencies need to be sent to those agencies directly as they will not receive them from TMP. TMP is a place for open views & open discussions, as well as a place for information distribution. You are welcome to post any comments directed at any of these agencies on TMP as a “vent” or rant b/c let’s face it, we all need to do that sometimes. Just please remember that you also need to send them directly to those agencies as we cannot do so for you. Thank you, The TMP Team

7 Responses to “~ Welcome to TMP ~”

  1. Jan said

    where ever you live in usa – please vote in this upcoming election – very important and if you have friends, family or know anyone that you have met online such as facebook that live in nevada – please VOTE HARRY REID OUT OF OFFICE – and Salazar too is from Nevada so maybe we can finally get rid of him too

    • sandra longley said

      Salazar is from colo. Abbey is from Nevada…This is not in support of Reid, but an advocate asked angle her posistion on the wild horses, her hubbby is a long time BLMer, she said the wild horses are better off in PV instead of starving on the land..If elected she will have no power in washington, thats good, but it is bad news for Nevadas wild horses as she is a nut job-and that is not just my opinion.

    • Donna Buscemi said

      Salazar is from Colorado and unfortunately we don’t get to vote on him

  2. Jan said

    regarding the ford mustang – years ago i had contacted them about the wild horse and they had told me they had offered at their expense to buy land in texas and turn some mustangs on it in honor of their mustang car and the blm refused – this was before so many horses were being stockpiled in holding pens – so you might ask them again if they would adopt mustangs and put in a safe place – maybe the blm wont say no. Or maybe they would help madeleine with her project. if you can get corporate america involved in saving our wild horses – then maybe washington will back down on their treatment of the mustangs – try mobil oil – they also have a horse as emblem of their company.

    • Donna Buscemi said

      The Save the Mustangs fund, established in May 2005 by Ford Motor Company in collaboration with the BLM and Take Pride in America, builds public awareness and support for wild horses. In less than a year, the fund has generated more than $200,000 in contributions, including Ford’s financial support for 2,000 horses, and has educated more than one million visitors through an informational Website,

  3. Leslie Peeples said

    I absolutely love your opening statement! I believe we are all working for the same goals and we must stand strong together to cause the needed changes for the wild horses.
    Didn’t call you because I don’t have your number.

    • LOL I think you must be about the only person in America who doesn’t have my phone number! I swear, I get calls from people who live in places I didn’t even know existed in the US – and at all hours of the day AND night – because my number has been published so many times. I don’t mind at all because its always about the horses, but it does crack me up 😀
      Anyhow, its 409.658.4491 and its my cell so usually I can catch a call anytime, unless of course I am working with one of the babies or Mouse. If I don’t catch the call, leave me a voicemail because sometimes the cell service decides to go strike too!
      Hope to hear from you soon, and as always, stay safe!

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