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BLM Political Cartoon…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 17, 2010

Thanks to the Wild Horse Preservation League for this one…


4 Responses to “BLM Political Cartoon…”

  1. Linda said

    So many people and organizations with different perspectives and agendas are being manipulated by the BLM spinmeisters. We need to quit bickering, join together, and put a stop to their outrageous behavior before they do any more damage to our public lands and the animals that depend on those lands for survival.

    And by the way … where do I get the t-shirt?

  2. Ed Rector, one of our very artistic members of Wild Horse Preservation League, designed this great cartoon. I sent it off – far and wide – to as many press contacts I know. I also sent to all our members and contacts, asking them to send it to all their local newspapers. So hope everyone who reads this, will do the same! And, I’ll talk to Ed about T-Shirts!!

    H. Bonnie Matton, President
    Wild Horse Preservation League
    Post Office Box 1958
    Dayton, Nevada 89403-9629

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