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Pryor Mountain North Boundary Fence – The Issues…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 17, 2010

In an effort to present both sides of the issues surrounding the North Boundary Fence planned for the Pryor Mountain HMA area, we strongly encourgage each of you to review the following:

July 30, 2010 – North Boundary Fence, Part 1 and August 9, 2010 – North Boundary Fence, Part 2 from Matt Dillon, Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center

Open Letter by Ginger Kathrens, the Cloud Foundation August 16, 2010

Lawsuit Expanded to Protect “Cloud’s” Wild Horse Herd July 23, 2010


2 Responses to “Pryor Mountain North Boundary Fence – The Issues…”

  1. Linda said

    Thanks, T. I read Ginger’s letter, the lawsuit, and Matt’s post. Still trying to digest his message and the maps.

    This is all so complicated! How did management of our public lands deteriorate to this level?

    Citizens can’t afford to look away FOR A SINGLE MINUTE or the government will allow some agency or for-profit interest to sneak another piece of our American mustangs’ pie!!!

    • Ms Linda,
      You are absolutely correct. This issue has many variables that must be weighed out. And as we are all to well used to at this point, we have much to digest before a clear decision can be made one way or the other.

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