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Marilyn Monroe & The Misfits…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 5, 2022

From Deanne Stillman: “Today is the day that Marilyn Monroe died. I wrote this on the 50th anniversary of “The Misfits,” her last film.
‘In the weeks after ‘The Misfits’ wrapped, Marilyn would sit for hours in a disguise and watch the horse carousel at the Santa Monica pier. We do not know what was on her mind and in her heart as the gaily painted animals turned forever. A fragile soul on and off the screen, she may have given great thought to what was really going on in Nevada…’”

My comment in response to Deanne’s post about this article:

Deanne… I don’t know how I missed this article back then, but as usual, you brought the emotions inside me to the forefront with your details & descriptions. I have never been able to watch The Misfits. I couldn’t even make myself try once I learned the mustang details of the story. I’ve seen and fought enough of it in real life, didn’t want to add to the pile. I loved Marilyn Monroe for all she was and all she wasn’t but longed to be. I even have a star ring she designed that I wear on my index finger. I loved Clark Gable. Rhett Butler is one of my favorites. I had no idea they died shortly after the film, nor did I know it was during the last embers of MM’s career. I think you’re right. I think the film brought forth an analogy or allegory for MM that was too close to home and heart. She was a star too innocent to realize her brightness burned those who would shield her light, and where that innocence should have been treasured, it was used against her in the most vicious ways – much like the American Wild Mustangs. Thank you for reposting the article. It wasn’t what I expected this morning, but it surely made for a great start as it got my brain churning. TL 🐴💙

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