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Posted by Texas Mustang Project on July 21, 2011

Carrol Abel
July 20, 2011

I sat down with Wild Horse Annie today. We had quite the conversation. I complained of how convoluted her law had become, how it was now a life sentence for the very animals it was intended to protect. She listened quietly, never uttering a word. “We really need your help.” I told her. She offered no reply.

The grass surrounding us was cool & refreshing, the day warm & clear. I closed my eyes and imagined a band of wild horses grazing peacefully nearby. How fitting it would have been. But alas! Imaginings are nothing more than imaginings. There were no wild horses and Wild Horse Annie was not going to answer.

Beside me was a small and unassuming grave marker. In that, it was much like the woman buried there. Beneath the name Velma B. Johnston, Wild Horse Annie and the dates March 5, 1912 – June 27, 1977 are three mustangs, running wild and free. As I ran my fingers across the relief and looked closer at the image, I realized there was something unexpectedly ominous portrayed there.

The running mustang trio has reached the edge of a dangerous precipice with no choice left but to jump. The last of the three is rearing and looking over his shoulder as if deciding whether to fight or flee. Tears started flowing when I put the scene in the context of the battle we’re waging today. I started sobbing like a crazy fool and blurted out, “Help me! I don’t know what else to do.”

It was then that a voice came to me, a gentle but strong whisper in my ear.

“FIGHT” it said, “Fight like a wild stallion.”

Carrol Abel



  1. Mar Wargo said

    So we are. mar

  2. Jan said

    i feel not only are we fighting for the survival of our wild horses but for the very fiber of america – look at the mess our govt has put us in – no money supposedly for millions of us who rely on social security and medicare but they continually waste money like on more wild horse roundups let alone the expense of feeding the ones they have already captured – when will the maddness end – i think if wild horse annie were here today she too would be appalled at the brazen, uncaring attitude of the people in washington for our wild horses and even the american people – we must all fight like that wild stallion for our very existence – of the horses and ourselves

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