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It is with a heavy and broken heart that I bring this sorrowful news to everyone today…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 31, 2013

It is with a heavy and broken heart that I bring this sorrowful news to everyone today…

India's 1st Bridleless Lesson Nov 25, 2008

India’s 1st Bridleless Lesson Nov 25, 2008

India, our buckskin mare of 11 years and Mighty Mouse’s “girlfriend”, left this world on January 15, 2013 after a month long battle with an infection to her superior tendon sheath stemming from a laceration to her right hind fetlock. She was 19 years old.

India’s amber colored eyes and beautiful conformation were only the outer layer of her true beauty: her heart, which she gave wholly to every task she was asked to perform. Her duty and service to me and my family will forever be a treasure that we keep in our hearts.

I would like to let everyone know that Mighty Mouse is coping with the loss of his friend very well. He grieved only for a few days, pulling off of his feed only slightly. We were able to offset the grieving process by introducing a new mare to our little family just a few weeks before India’s passing. We didn’t know at the time how beneficial the new addition would be later as we were still hopeful that India would be able to beat the infection.

MM still looks to the trailer each time I hook it up to my truck to see if India will be stepping out of it, but the disappointment seems to subside more quickly each time. My biggest fear was that he would grieve himself again to a dangerously low weight as he did a few years back after losing a stable mate. However, our new addition of “Blue Moon” has worked out in the end to help MM out quite a bit. (I will post later to introduce “Moon” to everyone.)

I would also like to thank everyone in our immediate family and friends for their respect of our privacy and grieving during this difficult time. This would not have been as light a burden to bear without their support and love.

As always, stay safe.



3 Responses to “It is with a heavy and broken heart that I bring this sorrowful news to everyone today…”

  1. Oh TL, I am so sorry to hear about India. She was a wonderful mentor to MM! I’m glad he is a bit more mature and able to deal with the loss. India was certainly a beauty inside and out. I have a soft spot for buckskins. May she join past friends and enjoy many green pastures. Looking forward to meeting Blue Moon. Hugs, Puller

  2. sandra longley said

    No one will be able to fill Indias hoofprints-the wisdom,the teaching and patience- but each one leaves a hoofprint or bruise-sometimes not just on your heart..I wish you many happy trails with blue moon..and kisses to MM for soldiering on

  3. Thx guys… its definitely not been easy but MM’s strength is actually giving *me* some strength. Moon is such a goofball that her antics are keeping me laughing when I’m not cussing her LOL.
    India was truly one of a kind, and no, no one can ever fill her hoofprints.
    ❤ ya'll!

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