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I-Team / Pickens Horse Sanctuary

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on April 14, 2012

George Knapp is digging into the delays (obstructions) that Madeleine Pickens is facing regarding her Elko County horse eco-sanctuary.  It appears to be the same old issue involving the “good ole boys” holding Nevada tourism hostage.  Y’all might remember Director of Agriculture Jim Barbee’s recent “Livestock trumps horses” message that was quickly rebutted with “Tourism trumps livestock” in the local papers.  And so the games continue.

The incongruity here is that while the tourism industry isn’t trying to put livestock operators out of work, there is evidence that Nevada’s livestock lobby and it’s all-or-nothing positions are putting people in the tourism industry on the unemployment rolls.

Here’s a link to the I-Team report.  Intelligent reader comments may be helpful.

Interestingly enough I recently had a former cattleman tell me that he got out of the business because “You can’t make a living when your industry’s claim to fame is 200 years of tradition unmarked by progress.”  Maybe the folks in our ranching sector, an historic element of Nevada that does belong here, should join us in the 21st Century.  After all there is room in this state for everybody so long as we all play nice.

“:O) Willis


One Response to “I-Team / Pickens Horse Sanctuary”

  1. R. Thompson, aka Aridog said

    My comment on the 8newsnow site:

    I’ve never been to Nevada, and never planned to visit either. As a lifetime horseman, with accompanying big dogs as well, this whole Mustang debate is balderdash to me … animals with a legal and natural right to run wild on land owned, but micromanaged by the government bureaucrats who’ve never set a saddle even at a county fair, but deem themselves expert.

    I’ve never met Madeline Pickens, nor do I need to do so. I respect what she’s trying to do. IF and ONLY if she succeeds with her sanctuary will I visit Nevada … because then I have a reason to do so, a sanctuary for one of the animals I love most in this world. I spend 5 figures+ per year just to visit the Yellowstone park and ecosystem. Nevada could be a destination too. Otherwise, forget about it …and a few million others who might visit but won’t. Build it and they will come.

    Quite frankly,based upon my experience with large purported animal welfare organizations covering virtually the whole environment, I do NOT hold out much hope for Mrs Pickens, but hope she can succeed where the biggies fail … essentially by prostituting the whole concept to a political agenda unrelated to wildlife. Mrs. Pickens seems sincere and I hope that she is just that … at least she’s not so huge that she’s beholden to Washington DC in slavish fashion. My hope is that the horses won’t meet the eventual fate of recovered wolves in North America, used and eventually disposed of as no longer useful.

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