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LRTC’s Horse Emergency Response Team

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 24, 2012

Following the Washoe Drive fire a few folks have asked about LRTC’s Horse Emergency Response Team. Although we missed our initial assignment due to traffic delays, our team was the one that Incident Command held in staging until after midnight (after the winds died down) since we carry a lot of specialized equipment.
I’m providing a link to an information sheet about the team. I would like to point out that this info sheet addresses just the “core” equipment supplied by the team. The team is often (gratefully) filled out by other competent volunteers and their trailers from Lyon County and occasionally from as far away as the Fish Springs Posse down in Douglas County. For example, Sheila Schwadel brought her trailer all the way up from Gardnerville and joined up with us at the staging area for the Washoe Drive fire.
We will be organizing and participating in some training this spring. Any folks interested in becoming more integrated into emergency evacuation and sheltering activities, and/or in providing support activities that help produce successful evacuation and sheltering operations, are welcome to attend.
Here’s a link to the info sheet:
Thanks to everyone who supports these kinds of emergency activities.
“:O) Willis


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