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Tentative Gather Schedule as of October 1, 2011 (Color Coded)

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on October 8, 2011

The Tentative Gather Schedule as of October 1, 2011 has been released. To make reading the schedule easier, we have color coded it and put it into a pdf format for you to download. It is also available as the jpeg image below. National Wild Horse and Burro Tentative Gather Schedule October 1, 2011 (Color Coded by TMP) (pdf)





3 Responses to “Tentative Gather Schedule as of October 1, 2011 (Color Coded)”

  1. jan said

    read the pryor mountain roundup by bait trapping – does that mean cloud’s band and others will be rounded up for a whole year as the schedule reports – i cant believe there are that many horses as would require a whole year to remove those horses – horrible!!

    • I am trying to call Matt now to get the full story of what’s going on in the Pryors.
      Until then, I want to remind everyone of a very important fact (and please, PLEASE, don’t take this as anything other than a fact, one that I too had to accept even though I *really* didn’t want to): Cloud is a Mustang that many the world over love and adore, but his progeny and harem are only a small part of the entire Pryor herd. I am NOT saying that *everyone* believes he and his should receive special treatment because of his fame. I only make this statement due the comments made in a recent discussion with several other advocates who apparently *do* think that as a result of his movies and Ginger’s work, Cloud and any of his relatives should immediately be exempt from all gather activities.
      My response to this was simple: “Why should Cloud and his be spared and not any other Mustang in the West? Just because of his fame?”
      Now I am sure that not all of these well-minded individuals intended on the exclusion of other Mustangs from exemption. However, when I made my reply, each of them were speechless for a moment while they thought about the statements they had made. After a few moments, all but *one* retracted their statements and realized the mistaken message their statements had portrayed. It is because of that *one* that I make this statement now; for if one can believe such a thing, then surely there are others who believe this as well. ALL Mustangs should carry the same protection and have the same strength of advocating force fighting for them, NOT just the famous ones. I am as big a fan of Cloud’s as any one else, just as I am sure most of you are. Our adoration does not entitle him to any more or any less than the rest.
      Sorry for getting on my soapbox, but quite frankly, that person pissed me off.
      Soon as I get word back from Matt, I will post the info here in the comments.

    • Jan,
      I spoke with Matt today and he confirmed what I had previously thought was the case.
      The plan for the Pryors is to utilize bait trapping versus a helicopter gather. While gathering of any kind is not something we condone at this time, bait trapping is FAR less stressful that an aerial assault.
      The reason the schedule states a whole year to conduct said gather is due to the method. Bait trapping involves setting up a corral panel trap that has a gate triggered electronically and remotely by a person set apart from the trap itself. Inside the corral panels is typically a food source, sometimes even a sweet feed, that encourages the Mustang(s) to enter the corral. Once the Mustang(s) enter fully, the person with the remote triggers the gate and closes them inside.
      As you can imagine, the sudden closing of the gate and the realization that there is no escape is quite unsettling for a while. For this reason, the person with the remote waits until they have settled down before making any moves that would cause more stress. In the meantime, a message will be sent to the rest of the gather crew (typically BLM in-house employees) telling them of the captured Mustangs. Said crew will then bring truck/trailer in to remove said Mustangs.
      This type of gather takes a lot of patience and a lot of time. There are usually only 1 to 3 Mustangs captured at a time . Mustangs are quite smart as we all know, and therefore the corral panels usually have to be moved several times to different locations and the food source changed often to keep the Mustangs from getting wise to the ruse.
      To the best of my knowledge at this time, there wont be very many gathered from the Pryors, hence the opportunity to use bait trapping. As well, the plan to use bait trapping is an attempt to prevent another helicopter style gather. September 2009 was quite an event, one that wont be forgotten any time soon. At least this way, the stress wont be nearly as high nor widespread.

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