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BLM RSS News Links from the Western States, September 13, 2011

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on September 13, 2011

I have a page on MyYahoo that allows me to combine RSS Feeds from all of the Western States’ BLM Offices. This is a great way to keep up with all of the BLM news releases in one place versus having to click all over the world wide web tracking them down. I copy and pasted today’s view into a table for you guys below, but if you have a Yahoo ID, setting up your MyYahoo page with this information is a must! ~TL

BLM Arizona News Release Feed

Fire Restrictions Lifted for BLM Colorado River District–¬†22¬†hours¬†ago

September 10 Symposium Addresses Prehistoric Cultures of Perry Mesa¬†–¬†1¬†week¬†ago

Sunday’s Storms Spark Additional Small Fires in the Color Country Management Area, Managers Maintain Arizona Strip Fires¬†–¬†1¬†week¬†ago

BLM Arizona Seeks Public Input on a Draft Resource Management Plan for the Lower Sonoran Field Office and the Sonoran Desert National Monument–¬†2¬†weeks¬†ago

Scoping Report Released on Proposed APS Transmission Line¬†–¬†2¬†weeks¬†ago

BLM California News Releases

BLM Announces Intent to Prepare Environmental Assessment of Motorized Vehicle Management in West Mojave Planning Area¬†–¬†1¬†hour¬†ago

Pacific Crest Trail 30 Mile Closure¬†–¬†6¬†days¬†ago

National Monument Advisory Committee to Meet in Palm Desert¬†–¬†6¬†days¬†ago


McCoy Scoping¬†–¬†1¬†week¬†ago

BLM Colorado News Releases


BLM seeks input on proposed pipelines in western Garfield, Rio Blanco counties–¬†1¬†day¬†ago

BLM?s Bangs Canyon receives high marks in recent visitor survey¬†–¬†1¬†day¬†ago

BLM accepting public comment on coal exploration license in Rio Blanco County–¬†3¬†days¬†ago

BLM seeks comments on grazing permit renewals¬†–¬†4¬†days¬†ago

BLM Idaho News Release Feed

Boise District Resource Advisory Council to Meet¬†–¬†21¬†hours¬†ago

Hailey-area bike riders show BLM the future of recreation on public lands¬†–¬†4¬†days¬†ago

Deadman Hole Recreation Site under Construction¬†–¬†1¬†week¬†ago

Non-motorized Hunting Closures Begin October 1, 2011¬†–¬†1¬†week¬†ago

State Director to mark completion of mountain bike trails in Hailey area¬†–¬†1¬†week¬†ago

BLM Montana News Release Feed

Shepherd Recreation Area Closed ? Cause, Vandalism–¬†23¬†hours¬†ago

BLM to Continue with Prescribed Fire near Moon Creek–¬†4¬†days¬†ago

Public Lands Day Set for Fort Meade Sept. 24–¬†4¬†days¬†ago

BLM Resource Advisory Council To Meet In Dillon–¬†4¬†days¬†ago

Stage I Fire Restrictions Ordered for Northcentral Montana¬†–¬†6¬†days¬†ago

BLM Nevada News Release RSS Feed

BLM Holds Commercial Pine Nut Sale (08-23-11)¬†–¬†2¬†weeks¬†ago

13 Wild Horses 1 Burro Find Good Homes During Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo (08-23-11)¬†–¬†2¬†weeks¬†ago

Longest Off-Road Race in US Goes Off Without a Hitch (08-22-11)¬†–¬†3¬†weeks¬†ago

BLM Reno Office Changes Hours and Closes P.O. Box (08-17-11)¬†–¬†3¬†weeks¬†ago

Salazar Announces $43 Million for Nevada and Lake Tahoe Restoration, Conservation and Recreation Projects (08-16-11)¬†–¬†4¬†weeks¬†ago

BLM New Mexico News Release Feed

Cebolla Canyon Wetland Restoration Project to Begin (08/31/11)¬†–¬†1¬†week¬†ago

BLM Seeks Public Comments on the Guadalupe Mountain Vegetation Treatment Plan (08/11/11)¬†–¬†one¬†month¬†ago

Tent Rocks Monument to Reopen (08/10/11)¬†–¬†one¬†month¬†ago

BLM Lifts Fire Restrictions Statewide (07/27/11)¬†–¬†one¬†month¬†ago

Tent Rocks Monument to Remain Closed Due to Flooding Concerns (07/27/11)–¬†one¬†month¬†ago

BLM OR/WA News Releases

BLM Sells Timber in Benton and Columbia Counties¬†–¬†1¬†day¬†ago

Umtanum Recreation Site Closed Temporarily for Paving¬†–¬†5¬†days¬†ago

BLM to Analyze Effects of Herbicide Use on Public Lands in the Vale District-Scoping Reopened¬†–¬†6¬†days¬†ago

Traffic Delays Planned on Forest Road¬†–¬†1¬†week¬†ago

Public Use Restrictions on the Rise¬†–¬†1¬†week¬†ago

BLM Utah News Releases

Public Invited to New Dinosaur Unveiling¬†–¬†23¬†hours¬†ago

Intrepid Potash Mine and Reclamation Plan Modification EA Available for Comment and Public Open House Meeting¬†–¬†4¬†days¬†ago

BLM Sets Meeting of National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board
for October 13-14 in Arlington, Virginia

Coyote Canyon EA Comment Period Extended Until September 30, 2011–¬†5¬†days¬†ago

Prescribed Fires Planned for Late Summer Through Winter 2012 in Southeast Utah¬†–¬†5¬†days¬†ago

BLM Wyoming News Release Feed

BLM Releases Lander Draft RMP and EIS for 90-day Comment Period¬†–¬†4¬†days¬†ago

BLM High Desert District Plans Fall Prescribed Fires¬†–¬†4¬†days¬†ago

Raptor Platforms Installed for Jonah Field Mitigation¬†–¬†5¬†days¬†ago

Celebrate National Public Lands Day with the Rock Springs Field Office–¬†5¬†days¬†ago

BLM BFO Hosts National Public Lands Day Event¬†–¬†5¬†days¬†ago


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