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trueCowboy Magazine, featuring Mighty Mouse the Mustang, August 2011 Edition

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 7, 2011

Click here ( ) to download August issue featuring our Buckle Bunny Jessica Jean Tourino.

  • My Path to the Wild Mustangs…Tom Doody
  • Sergeant Reckless…Robin Hutton
  • Mighty Mouse the Mustang…Tracie Lynn Thompson

and more!  Click on the lower right hand corners of right pages to turn…ENJOY! Saddle Up & subscribe at and show your support of our mission to save our wild mustangs!



6 Responses to “trueCowboy Magazine, featuring Mighty Mouse the Mustang, August 2011 Edition”

  1. Beautifuly written TracieLynn. You and MM are a great pair, and he is georgeous. In the years to come, he will become even more handsome and confident. Thanks for sharing your woderful story. Kim Sheppard

  2. TL, What a beautiful story!! I’m so glad you found eachother. Makes me that much sadder about the little girl who got away…now in LTH. 😦

  3. Love that Mighty Mouse and his cowgirl, TracieLynn Thompson. Thank you for all you do…and the magazine ain’t bad neither.

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