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Dear Food Network: PULL THIS EPISODE NOW!!!

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on May 13, 2011

(Copied from Animal Law Coalition.) Food Network Canada Contact Us

Horse Advocates Call Foul on Food Network

Posted May 13, 2011 by lauraallen

Chicago (EWA) – Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) joins its Canadian partner, Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) in calling for the withdrawal of an episode scheduled to air Monday, May 16 on the Food Network’s program Top Chef Canada.

The program features “French Cuisine” including horse meat and foie gras, angering both horse advocates and animal welfare groups across the globe. The timing of this episode coincides with CHDC’s May Equine Awareness campaign.

In choosing these menu items, the program has completely ignored the cruelty involved in their production. Foie gras is diseased duck liver produced by force feeding ducks using a feeding tube thrust down their throats several times a day until they are too fat to even stand up. The liver becomes hugely swollen in an attempt to deal with the process.

Horse meat in Canada comes from horses that often suffer incredible abuse even before they arrive at slaughter. Beyond this, horse meat is likely to contain drugs that are illegal in food animals.

Last year, renowned chef at Pangaea Restaurant in Toronto, Martin Kouprie, removed horse meat from the menu because slaughterhouses cannot tell him where the horses come from and whether the meat is free of toxic substances. “I cannot in good conscience serve that to my customers,” said Kouprie. “Every ingredient in my kitchen has a story, and if I don’t know that story, I cannot serve it.”

The investigations into two of the major horse slaughter plants in Canada last year revealed horrific conditions and has caused outrage across the world. A recent European Union Food and Veterinary Office investigation into the horse slaughter plants in Mexico revealed numerous serious violations including drug residues in the meat.

North American horses are not raised or regulated as food animals. “Consumers need to be aware of the health dangers of eating horse meat and the cruelty the horses endure before ending up on their plates.” commented John Holland, president of EWA.

“Many Canadians consider horses to be as dear to their hearts as dogs and cats,” adds Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. “Companion animals are not likely to be well-accepted as menu items in our country.”

The Equine Welfare Alliance believes that the choice of horse meat was not an accidental social misjudgment, but more likely the result of influence from a well funded public relations effort on the part of horse slaughter supporters aimed at gaining acceptance for the meat and desensitizing viewers to horse slaughter in general. Case in point, The Toronto Observer also ran a story on May 11 defending the consumption of horsemeat.

It is in the best interest of the Food Network and consumers to withdraw the episode promoting food that is dangerous to consumers and cruel to equines. Fortunately, the French have many excellent sauces and dishes to choose from that do not involve cruelty and carcinogens as ingredients.


6 Responses to “Dear Food Network: PULL THIS EPISODE NOW!!!”

  1. Christina Eubank said

    This is disgusting and I can not believe anyone would do a show on eating horse meat as far as I am concerned they might as well add cat and dog to it and make it politically correct for everyones tastes.

  2. Mary Marelli said

    This is inhumane. Sick, just plain sick. Horses are magnificent creatures, not fodder for dinner. They should be cherished, kept safe, enjoyed. It’s enough that our wild horses are being slaughtered. But to have it flung in our faces? Ala’ Top Chef? What’s next, Fido?

  3. Monday, May 16th’s Episode of Top Chef Canada
    “We understand there is growing concern about an upcoming episode of Top Chef Canada that is set to air Monday May 16th on Food Network Canada. Some viewers have noted their belief that the use of horse meat in a culinary challenge on the show is controversial. Please be assured it is not our intention to offend our viewers. The challenge in this episode involves having the competitors create a truly authentic, traditional French menu. One of the most traditional French foods is horsemeat. Horsemeat is also considered a delicacy in many cultures around the world. While we understand that this content may not appeal to all viewers, Food Network Canada aims to engage a wide audience, embracing different food cultures in our programming. We thank you for expressing your concerns.
    Food Network Canada”

  4. Boycott Top Chef – Protect the Horses

  5. Judith Hamilton-Schultze said

    Outraged and pull this episode from your network. All the horrible video of horse slaughter should make your guts move inside out. I tell you inhumane practices of our horses and you want to exploit our horses on your show?. Hogwash. I implore you to take this off the air. You who do not know how our horses are suffering that the hand of slaughter. We will remain ever vigilant and protect our horses from this disgusting moment showing how to prepare horse meat. Shame on you and your cronies for even thinking this is good. Horses are our companions and friends. I will not sit by and be idle on my thoughts about this. As a Home Economist, you must let this episode be trashed. Not appropriate.
    After you see how our horses are being treated in slaughter blood baths you will not touch any horse meat. We are bound and determined to stop horses from becoming targets of slaughter in America and across the world.

  6. R. Thompson said

    Lovely. The morons are now about to aid and abet criminal activity. Worse, one that sells expensive animals for pennies …. no skin off their ass since they’re stolen. Due to my proximity to the Canadian Boarder, horse thieves were a common problem … they were supplying the horse meat processors & eaters in Canada. I can guaran-F’ing-tee you that the stolen horses did not cross the border northward at any legitimate point, what with the vet checks and all that.

    We had a strategy and tactic that worked well … pack of big dogs loose in the pastures 24/7, and handy rifles (saves a lot of running outside and yelling, eh) for those nighttime visitors with bolt cutters, a stock trailer and a bag of sweet feed. Same bastards would loot your tack room if not secured like Fort Knox. You’d just go to the next local auction and watch for your stuff … then apply a baseball bat.

    Some folks just “need killin'”

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