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TMP Tribute to Mamas, 2011

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on April 29, 2011

It’s a little early, we know; but then again, it’s never really early to tell your Mama Thanks!

There are many different variations of the names given to mothers. In the South, we call them “Mama”. Being a Mama is a very serious job with very big responsibilities. As Mamas, we don’t take it lightly. One of our most important responsibilities is to protect our children from the cruelties, hatred, and evil in this world. We strive to keep our children “kids” for as long as we can. And to do so, we preserve their innocence in any way that we know how. One of those ways is through horses.

The bond between a child and his horse is one that tempered steel and a diamond bit cannot break. Even as Mamas, most of us can remember our first four-hoof friend from our childhoods. They taught us more than we ever realized they were teaching us at the time, and some of us don’t even realize now some of our lessons learned on the backs of our mounts.

But for those of us who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity now with our children, our Equine heroes are continuing that tradition. I for one could not be more grateful each and every time I see Britton with his mare, India. I see that innocence in his eyes, his smile and in his loving care of her needs. Even at the age of 9 – which by today’s standards is practically a teenager – Britton is maintaining the essence of his childhood. I credit India with a great deal of that accomplishment.

Almost all of you have seen me write about Britton and India, how their friendship started even before he was born, and still continues today. The day that India gallops into the sky will indeed be a day of tremendous loss for our family. And even though India has never foaled, she is more of a “Mama” than many of the two leggeds I see in this world.

In tribute to India – and all Mamas like her – I dedicate the following compilation. The song is by the late, great Patsy Cline – who was taken too soon from her time here on Earth. It’s called “If I Could See the World”. She sings about seeing this world through the eyes of a child, with no trouble and no strife, just a big happy life, and a bluebird in every tree. The pictures are from family and friends. The message is simple: Thank you. 


5 Responses to “TMP Tribute to Mamas, 2011”

  1. Puller Lanigan said

    Lovely tribute Tracie Lynn!!

  2. R. Thompson said

    “Papas” would be well served, as well, by the thoughts expressed in Patsy Cline’s memorable song. And there is no question that a relationship with a horse, then with multiple horses, and multiple dogs, over a lifetime, helps to keep you young, to see the world at least partially as a child might. I’ve never been more child like than those summer days spent just sitting on a rock in a pasture with one or more of our horses over the years. A time of peace and wonder, relief in many ways to one who has been to war, to be noticed by a beautiful animal that is large enough to over whelm you, but chooses in stead to amble up, nicker softly, and nuzzle your shoulder then settle down to grazing grasses near your feet. Horses and dogs do so much the same in their social behaviors I seriously wonder just who is the more advanced form of being, man or canine and equine. I know I’ve loved far more horses and dogs over my life than people. I’m sure I’ve learned more form them as well. If that’s a defect, then I claim it as mine.

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