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ALERT! Charles Lawson

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on March 3, 2011

I intercepted the following message. He may show up at the Lyon County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife.

Good morning, I would like to attend but am not sure my other meeting will be over by the time you guys meet, soooo=. I have written an article regarding old time mustangers I know and have submitted it to the Nevada Appeal. I hope they accept it. In any event I would like to propose fish and game take over the management of the wild horses. Since people are a little bit nuts perhaps a program of selling permits to folks that would like to catch their own horse might allow for the removal of excess horses while paying for itself. The people I interviewed considered this activity a sport not a profession and dedicated a lot of time to trying to catch a horse. Understand horses would have to be caught by roping only and not for income. The gentlemen I talked to are getting a little long in the tooth but would still like to try it again they enjoyed the activity so much. As an aside all three interviewees mentioned the chances of success catching a horse was in the neighborhood of 10%. Charles

“:O) Willis


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