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“Horse Wars 2011” Begins!

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on March 2, 2011

For a state that is dependent on tourism and federal subsidies for its survival, Nevada is pretty damn arrogant. I just heard from Bonnie Matton who attended the Nevada Senate Natural Resources Committee hearing. The public lands ranchers showed up in full force to jam through Senate Joint Resolution 5 (SJR5) which is basically a series of objections to BLM and wild horses on public lands. Basically our good ole’ boy welfare ranchers want to block any potential BLM reforms. (See They came fully armed with their voodoo science. I use that term because according to Bonnie’s observations they extrapolated “findings” from a few isolated situations and presented it as being broad scope and that horses are the cause of all the range damage. (Never mind those few million cattle, and don’t look behind the curtain!) Bonnie Matton was the sole spokesperson for the horses at this hearing and tried to interject some rationality. “Don’t phase me with facts, lady, I have an agenda to pursue.” Actually they were more polite than that, pontificating about how they all love wild horses but it’s the damage, don’t you know, that is destroying Nevada. As predicted, it’s game time and in recent days the Nevada State Legislature has proved itself to be as sleazy as ever. Our most effective strategies often include counter punching. Bonnie has some materials submitted by the public lands ranchers that we’ll need to scan in and post – and carefully critique. We need to uncover any voodoo science there, and we have to be careful and keep healthy ranges at the forefront of our dialogue. These guys are attacking the program on the basis of horse pollution and that we’re a bunch of well intentioned misguided bleeding hearts. It’s a great distraction from the truth, which is why I’m pleading for us to stay focused and not add to those distractions. I think it’s time someone is told that the “bleeding hearts” are the ones who pay taxes that provide these ranchers’ subsidies and we’re not going to take it any more. Unless we hit back carefully and where it hurts, we will lose some ground. There is some contact information on the War Room piece on this subject. It might be time to pass this information around and use it. And when we talk to people in Congress, we need to point out that Nevada seems to be the source of a whole lot of complaints and not very many solutions, except to run up more expenses on the federal tab. More to follow.

“:O) Willis


4 Responses to ““Horse Wars 2011” Begins!”

  1. Anne-Marie said

    Good piece Willis! What the “Good ole rancher boys” don’t know is that they are next on the “chopping block”…when the “fracking poisoned water” kill their cattle….they probably want us “bleeding hearts” to pay for their “loss”. Then it will be our time to say to “shove it where the sun don’t shine”! LOL

  2. Jan said

    got email from madeleine pickens website – apparently this week bob abbey from blm is testifying before congress on why blm needs more money – maybe you can catch it on cspan

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