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The PZP-22 Debate…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on February 24, 2011

With all of the debates going on in every corner of the internet about PZP, it’s uses, it’s applications, heck, everything about PZP… I figured I would pull together some informational resources that might help clear up some of the confusion. Please keep in mind… These pieces of information are simply here for informational purposes and are in no way meant to sway anyone’s own personal opinion. Just figured someone could benefit from all of it, so, here ya go… ~T.

 PZP Series from the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center

Bulletin: Harsh Winter for the Pryors 07 February 2011 Harsh Winter for the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range A Message from Ginger Kathrens

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Information from

Environmental Assessments for Management of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range
2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001  


4 Responses to “The PZP-22 Debate…”

  1. Jan said

    i understand from Ginger Kathrens that the hormone may make a mare cycle out of season and she drops a foal in dead of winter – apparently this happen to some of the horses she was familiar with in the cloud band – so they never know when the mare may conceive after drug wears off

    • Ladies, we all must remember one thing above all else: regardless of what we’ve heard from one person or another, the scientific facts are the ones we have to trust.
      I know of the situation you are speaking of that Ginger recalls during these discussions. I even asked her about it during our Q&A Interview. Ginger stated that the PZP-22 was administered at the wrong time of year thus causing the mares to foal out of season. She went on to state that when administered properly the drug was quite effect.
      (Thhis interview is posted at the bottom of the “You Be The Judge” page here on TMP.)

  2. sandra longley said

    anytime science is bought and paid for by the stakeholders of a “posistion” and a desired outcome..It must be questioned and other independant science must be called for..woulkd any of us rely on “science bought and paid for by BP on the safety of offshore drilling? or the tobacco company scientific studys that tobacco was not harmful or addictive?? The BLM and the HSUS(the drug dealer) along with Zoos were the primary contibuters of funding and grants for much of these studies..Science is not always impartial-and then and again..PZP-22 is not “intended or recommended to use as a 0 population growth method.
    I -like the Princeton study, have had serious questions, about extrapolating studies of ponies on islands in the east-with mustangs over the vast western acres…I see too many variables for those studies to be held up as the model, and this is something that needs serious discussion, models should be done on herds in the west which reflect actually conditions on the ground over long periods of time-and we need herds that have NEVER been PZP’d as a control group to measure the differences.

  3. […] more information on PZP, see The PZP-22 Debate… post here on […]

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