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BLM Suspending Clan Alpine Wild Horse Gather Scheduled for February

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 12, 2011

BLM Nevada News
Carson City District Office No. 11-18
For Release: January 12, 2011
Contact:  Mark Struble, (775) 885-6107

BLM Suspending Clan Alpine Wild Horse Gather Scheduled for February

Carson City, Nev. – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Carson City District, is suspending the Clan Alpine Herd Management Area (HMA) wild horse gather that was scheduled to start approximately February 1, 2011. The Clan Alpine Herd Management Area (HMA) is located 60 miles east of Fallon, Nevada.
“An aerial census conducted in late December of the wild horses in the Clan Alpines shows that the population is low enough that gathering horses in that area to treat the mares with a fertility control vaccine is not warranted at this time,” said Terri Knutson, BLM-Stillwater Field Office
Manager.  “We will continue to monitor that wild horse herd to ensure their population stays in balance with the other natural resources in the Clan Alpine Mountains.”
Wild horse gathers, birth control treatments and limited removals are methods intended to reduce or maintain the herd population sizes to within the appropriate management levels necessary to achieve a thriving natural ecological balance on the public lands.
For more information, contact Mark Struble, BLM Carson City District Public Affairs Officer, at (775) 885-6107 or


2 Responses to “BLM Suspending Clan Alpine Wild Horse Gather Scheduled for February”

  1. Linda Horn said

    I wonder how many horses the BLM actually found on Clan Alpine. Last Census in Oct ’06 = 685. 2009 AML = 979. If they’re not going to gather ANY of the 700 planned, remove the 105 planned, or PZP the mares, I can only assume the herd must be well below 979.

    And how many other census numbers are wrong (likely inflated),because they not only have, but also continue to rely on the “magic calculator” method?

  2. Jan said

    i doubt if there are 2,000 plus horses that the blm plans to round up in other areas – they do not go out and do an actual body count – they only assume so many head of horses from their so-called population data based on their crazy breeding ideas – not every mare will conceive or carry a foal to term, not every foal born will survive – the numbers just aint right and guess they found that out with the count for the latest planned roundup.

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