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P-Nut Update

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 4, 2011

“P-Nut,” the Pine Nut yearling found alone with a significant hind leg injury was finally starting to put weight on his hind leg. BLM had Doc Peck provide some bute and SMZs that he would eat with some complete feed and as a result, and with confinement and care by the owners of the property where he was discovered, he was improving. However he couldn’t stay in Carson City plus there was no real shelter available to him there. A decision was made that it was time to transport him to Shirley’s to be put into sick bay, a move preauthorized by BLM once we determined that it was safe to do so. (Actually we had just completed constructing an additional sick bay corral the day before.)
We were concerned about P-Nut exacerbating his injury getting into the trailer. Bruce, Lee, Kathy, Megan and I put together a gentle ramp using an ATV ramp and some donated stall mats. P-Nut was more concerned about leaving a nearby domestic mare than he was about the trailer, however once we got him focused toward the loading chute, he wandered in on his own with no problem.

Unloading at the Lucky Horse Rehab Corrals was similarly uneventful.  He settled into sick bay and was of great curiosity to the nearby mares.  (Sick bay is next to the mare corral.)  After some initial interest in his new horse companions he got down to what was really important – food!

P-Nut is already far too “urbanized” to be turned back out, so he is likely to become available for adoption once the veterinarian clears him and he is prepped by BLM.  He seems very bright and wants to be sociable with humans, so he should make a great adoption horse.  To find out about adopting P-Nut or to see him “in person” please contact Shirley Allen at / 775-246-7636 or contact BLM at 775-475-2222.  Adopters must meet BLM requirements including submitting BLM’s Adoption Application and Maintenance and Care Agreement.  BLM often allows people to apply to adopt rehab colts prior to their being released from focused care, and the horses can be picked up after preparation (e.g., vaccinations, gelding, freezemarking) whereupon the adoption will then become official.  Local delivery by volunteers is often possible.
P-Nut’s status will be updated as his rehab progresses, along with that of little “Sassy” (who was asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace in the Allens’ living room when the last two photos of P-Nut were taken.  But then, what’s New Years in Dayton without a little horse in the house.)

Happy New Year!
“:O) Willis


3 Responses to “P-Nut Update”

  1. Roxy said

    Always love these updates! Especialy the Allens taking these babies into their homes – wish I had a fraction of that character and ability.

    Off topic – Tracie, is that puppy on the left a new member of your houshold? What a cuttie!

    • LOL no ma’am, she’s not a newbie… That is Cody Marie DeLoach, our little Diva! She’s a teacup chihuahua ~chocolate and tan~ and all of 1 pound and 9 ounces. She will be 2 years old on February 12, 2011. The pic was taken at 5 a.m. and she is sitting on my chest. She woke me up by picking her little front feet up and down doing the pee-pee dance! I couldn’t resist snapping the pic because of the hilarious expressions she was making at me… Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!

  2. […] and his wife Sharon also work diligently to help the orphaned foals on and off of the range. (See P-Nut Update and Another Horse in the House!!!). GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

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