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56 Weanlings Picked Up…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on December 28, 2010

Monday the “Can Do Crew” picked up 56 weanlings at Pyramid Lake.  As explained before Lifesavers is the legal recipient.

They still need to be placed with adopters, allied groups and Foster care volunteers who will halter start and help place them.  As many as 80 more could be coming available and Lifesavers is already in pretty deep.

There are presently over 600 horses at the allied holding corrals in Fallon that otherwise would have likely gone to the kill buyers.  This is a huge operation.

For more information please contact Shirley Allen at or 775-246.7636.  We get pretty busy at times so if you don’t get a reply, don’t hesitate to leave a second message or email so you don’t get lost in the “pile.”

Happy New Year.

“:O) Willis


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  2. Linda Horn said

    Up with the chickens this AM, and what’s the first thing I see? Beautiful, fuzzy, little horse butts, all headed in the RIGHT direction! I love the sorrel with the big blaze that turned and “smiled for the carrot”. I’m a sucker for the “curious” ones!

    My heartfelt thanks to everyone involved. If individuals and groups have to “just put one foot/hoof in front of the other” to save horses … ANY horses … so be it!

    Folks like all of you are “boots-on-the-ground” for the long haul. And folks like me, who don’t have the privilege of being “owned by a horse”, are trying to help in whatever ways we can.

    I know that, together, we SHALL overcome!!!

  3. Melissa spangle said

    My husband and I adopted two of these lil foals and ive got to say they are the sweetest things!. And so calm. My husband picked out the lil sorrel with the blaze you have pictured and we have named him CW I chose a line back dun. They were unloaded yesterday and today I had one eat from my hand. And boy oh boy am I in love lol.

    • Howdy Melissa!
      Congratulations from the TMP Team! Thx so much for stopping by and leaving us a comment! So happy and proud for you and your husband! You guys are angels to these colts and you will find their gratitude is most rewarding. Please oh please send us lots of pics and we would love to know how they’re doing! As always, stay safe!

      • Melissa said

        Because I only have internet on my phone im having the hatdest time posting picks. However I im making huge progress with both horses. Ive finally decided to name mine Chief as he is the dominant one and pushes CW around a bit. Both are eating out of my hand and Chief now walks up to be scratched if I hold still.

        • Wow, Melissa that is so great to hear! They are so much fun when they’re at that stage and age LOL, and hilarious too! If you need to send the pics via email, plz feel free. I can post them into the website from there.
          We are all just so happy and proud for you guys. As well, we wanted to let you know that we are here for you guys for any training and “new baby” resources if you guys should need them.
          Can’t wait to hear back from ya’ll on their progress! Love the names btw 🙂

        • Linda Horn said

          Melissa and hubby, it’s so great you’ve adopted these two deserving babies!

          I learned about “holding still” at a Natural Horsemanship clinic. Turn away and keep a relaxed posture at a distance that doesn’t put pressure on the horse and let him or her “catch you”.

          Doesn’t work on all horses, but most of the time their natural curiosity brings them close to you. The horse I was working with seemed say, “What’s up with this? Why are you ignoring me?”

  4. said

    All I can say is GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOU DO!!! It is so wonderful to hear some people are doing the right thing not just by protecting these magnificent animals but helping save them from an unspeakable fate. I applaud what you do and wish you all the best and wish all the positive things to happen to help you continue all your efforts. Stay strong and THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL HARD WORK. We do appreicate what you do. Keep it up. Good shall win this battle. We need to expose this issue to more people. I’ll be happy to help! Again, God Bless, Michelle

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