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Merry Christmas! A couple of updates…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! A couple of updates…

For those of you who monitor the Deer Run horses from the Pine Nut herd, don’t worry if one of the bands is short a bay colt.  He suffered a pretty seriously injured leg and was reported to us yesterday (Friday.)  The colt clearly couldn’t keep up with his band and instead was hanging around near some stabled horses for companionship.
BLM had pretty much folded up shop for the holiday weekend and Carson City Animal Regulation’s horse corrals had been temporarily dismantled for facility remodeling, so in a decision reached between Carson City, LRTC and the property owner where the colt was hanging out that the best option was to shelter him in place.  Volunteers brought out corral panels and corralled him next to a domestic mare that he seemed somewhat bonded to.   The people who own the property are experienced with horses and will Foster him until next week when BLM decides whether to rehab the foal at PVC or at one of the orphan foal projects.
While his leg doesn’t appear to be broken, it may require long rehab so the colt will most likely be held for adoption.  He’s being called “P-Nut” for Pine Nut colt.

In spite of being hurt, P-Nut is very curious and playful, and started untying the hay twine we were using to anchor the temporary corral to the adjacent mare corral as soon as we tied it.  We ended up using a chain and padlock which he simply regarded as a toy to play with.
I’ll update this report when we know more.

Paiute Weanlings
We expect to be picking up about 55 weanlings from the Pyramid Paiute tribe on Monday for Lifesavers.  We could use help with the “trailer train.”   Shirley Allen is coordinating if you have a stock trailer and can carry a load from the Pyramid Reservation to the Alliance corrals in Fallon.  Shirley can be reached at or 775-246-7636.
We’ve been really busy and I haven’t had much time to talk to Jill, but I think she’s still looking for ways to disburse the remainder of the young horses t(yearlings) to keep them from going to the sale, but she’s going to take in the weanlings in the meantime.  Also it is my impression that this pickup might buy her a little more time with respect to taking in the yearlings.
If any individuals or groups can take in youngsters for Foster care, halter starting and placement with adopters, please contact Shirley.  The Allies have taken in something on the order of 600 horses so far this year, so to keep things going it’s really important to get horses out to individuals and groups in order to improve placement opportunities.

2010 was a really busy year and 2011 looks to be just as challenging.  But we are making a difference.

“:O) Willis

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  1. Linda Horn said

    I put this up on SFtHH under my comment about the rescue of the slaughter-bound Paiute horses at Fallon. Hope it helps.

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