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Christmas Miracles DO Still Happen!!!

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on December 24, 2010

Linda Horn has brought us some wonderful news this morning from Lifesavers! Thanks Linda!!!

Submitted on 2010/12/24 at 9:26 am

This morning brought glad tidings of a true Miracle … the remaining 235 Pyramid Lake horses at Fallon have been saved from the killers! I believe the Lord, Great Spirit, or whatever Higher Power guides human lives, sent special Angels to rescue these noble animals gifted to our care.

Blessings be on Madeleine Pickens, Jill Starr, and everyone they hold dear!

Blessings be on these magnificent horses as they begin their new lives!

Blessings be on the Paiute Nation … may they find the sacred path of enlightenment!

Blessings be on you and yours … the two leggeds and four leggeds who bring each other joy!

And blessings be on all creation in this holy season and throughout the coming year!


 Just hours away from being loaded on to double decker cattle trucks and heading north on the Highway to Hell that would take the 235 little wild mustangs from their Nevada home to the horrible fate of a Canadian Slaughter Plant, Mrs. Madeleine Pickens, a well known and highly respected wild horse advocate made an incredible offer that turned out to be the “stay of execution” these horses must have been praying for.

I was having a conversation late in the evening on Dec. 22 with Mrs. Pickens about the terrible fate that the Native American horses were facing.  So many of the rounded up mustangs had already been sold and shipped to slaughter.  As I was talking with her about the group of foals I am trying to save from the same herd that have not been sold yet, she asked me if we could save any of the horses that were bought by the killers before they get shipped off.  Admittedly I was caught off guard by that question, but I was quite happy to make a phone call and see if any of the auction purchased mustangs were still in the killer’s feedlot.  I quickly found out that there were still 235 horses on the ground being readied to ship out on Friday, Christmas Eve.

When the killers said sure we’ll sell them to you for the same amount of money that we would make off of them at the slaughter house I called Mrs. Pickens back and told her the high price they demanded.  She reeled temporarily by the large figure, but quickly rebounded with “we have to do it, we can’t let those horses go to slaughter”.

We both hung up with our respective jobs to do…I had to make the arrangements to receive another 235 horses at our temporary holding facility in Fallon, and she had to raise the funds.

By early morning Thursday, Dec. 23, all the pieces were in place and the horses now have a new lease on life.

All 235 horses will be housed along with Lifesavers other Fallon rescues until their long term sanctuary is ready for them.

I have to say that I am amazed by and have much admiration for Mrs. Madeleine Pickens.  Her compassion is boundless and her determination is a force of its own.

I am honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Saving America’s Mustangs & Madeleine Pickens in this blessed holiday miracle that saved 235 precious lives. 

I hope there will be more miracles to witness in the days to come.

May all your hearts be bursting with the warmth of this season of giving…

Many blessings,

Jill Starr, President, Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue


8 Responses to “Christmas Miracles DO Still Happen!!!”

  1. Linda Horn said

    Could you tell I was typing through my tears?



  3. Roxy said

    Peace and blessings to you Linda, Lifesavers, Jill, and Madeline, and everyone involved. You are the miracle workers – you have delivered 235 of the most precious Christmas presents ever!

  4. Jan said

    thank you so much Madeleine Pickens – you are a true angel of mercy to step in and save these horses – i thot that even in canada there was a holding on the horses sent to slaughter – guess not – now canada needs to step up and stop the slaughter – anyway that is 235 horses that will now have a chance at a good life – if only more people would see what is happening to our wild horses maybe they would help too – i send all postings from this blog to Jane Velez Mitchell at cnn – sure hope someone is reading them and i know that Madeleine has been on her show along with Ginger Kathrens from the cloud foundation so please give Jane a heads up as to what is going on with our wild horses – praying the new congress steps up and STOPS THE FUNDING TO THE BLM FOR MORE ROUNDUPS! YES GOD DOES CARE ABOUT ALL HIS CREATURES – THEY ARE PUT INTO MAN’S HANDS FOR CARE –

    • Lisa said

      These are not BLM horses. These are feral horses from the Paiute tribe from tribe stock that they just allow to roam free and breed unchecked. The horses belonged to the tribe and they are the ones that brought them to the auction.

      I am very glad they were rescued, but I wish the tribe would be more reponsible with their horses and not contribute to the unwanted horse population.

  5. Suzanne Moore said

    How incredible! How wonderful! Madeline, Jill, Lifesavers and everyone else involved in this Christmas Miracle, THANK YOU!

  6. Patricia said

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
    can be judged by the ways its animals are treated”
    ~ Mahatma Gandhi’

    Jill Starr and Madeline Pickens are two of the reasons we have hope as a nation! I will sleep better because of the work you do.

    THANK YOu and the spirits bless you and all those doing such work.

  7. jan eaker said

    Jill and Madeleine, Thank you so very much,Have a truly blessed Christmas Day!

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