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Updates: Ponca City Mustang Truck Crash & NDoA/Lesperance

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on December 16, 2010

1.  Ponca City Crash update
For those of you not familiar with this incident, a transport hauling BLM mares to long term holding was involved in an accident.  The driver failed to heed a limited height warning sign, hit a railroad overpass and tore the roof off the trailer.
Here’s the story.  (Click on the photo to view the entire story.  It’s freaking amazing!)
Incredibly, with the roof gone and the sides torn loose from the trailer (as seen in the photos) the 39 mares remained on the transport deck, not real happy but they didn’t try to jump through the openings.  The long term holding contractor’s staff responded, offloaded the horses and loaded them onto their transport.  It is my understanding that they made up the majority of what the newspaper dubbed as “local cowboys.”
Equally incredible was that the debris flew outside the compartment so none of the horses was seriously injured or needed veterinary care.  They all arrived safely and are presently on long term holding pasture.  This was likely a real tricky situation and fortunately cool heads on the scene produced positive results.
2.  Tony Lesperance story (Nevada Appeal)
A report that came out today (Thursday) in the Nevada Appeal revealed some of the problems that have concerned us at the Nevada Department of Agriculture for the past three years.
It appears that some citizens have also expressed their distaste regarding their experiences with the department in the Reader Comments section.  (BTW, the number of Reader Comments is one way that the editorial staffs gauge the importance of a story.  My opinion is that we need to keep this issue in the news.)
“:O) Willis


6 Responses to “Updates: Ponca City Mustang Truck Crash & NDoA/Lesperance”

  1. Harley said

    it’s beyond words what BLM’S ‘planned dessimation’ has already done to the PUBLIC’S mustangs living on OUR taxpayers PUBLIC lands…but then to have to add insult to injury – the never ending sheer stupidity and carelessness and lack of concern for these wild horses welfare….at taxpayer’s expense again. Forget about providing safety and care along the way. – that’s not BLM’S concern.

    Here come the local cowboy hicks and get the job done without incident…something th BLM CANNOT do.Afterall, these horse were labled a dangerous
    As an abundance of caution, four sharpshooters were stationed should a horse make it past the temporary corral, but all went well and the mustangs were trasferred without incident.

    Kudos to the local cowboys…..maybe they will get some real horsemen to come train them about horse issues —- better yet,next time use the toe of your boots and do some seriously proper azz kicking BLM out of town!!!

  2. Puller Lanigan said

    I’m so grateful those mares ‘cooler heads’ prevailed. And grateful the volunteers who stepped forward to help transition them to the new carrier obviously knew what they were doing!! As for the police force….someone needs to send them to equestrian school.

    You would think that what BLM pays contractors that they could get someone who knows what they are doing???

  3. Betty Kelly said

    12-17-2010 Folks, the wild horse mares are the cream of the crop. They are the ones that actually are the caregivers within their bands. The lead mare will actually lead her band to safety when danger is perceived. The stallion follows behind. So I’m not surprised at all at their response in this critical situation. The fact that the BLM boys or whoever with guns were ready to shoot as a solution, only showed human stupidity. These mares are without any doubt more intelligent than humans.

    What did BLM do with their stallions/geldings?…I hate to think of their destiny at the hands of this rogue out of control agency, but the stupid mentality of BLM boys/vets and many times the misinformed public thinks that the stallions/geldings are the adoptable ones. So goes the continued gender discrimination in our country, etc. In reality the mares are much smarter and truer (sorry boys & girls about this fact). When a patient & compassionate human earns their trust, you will never have a more everlasting cherished and unconditional spirit as a friend.

    FYI, the Carson City NV Prison Wild Horse Program “graduates” only geldings/stallions for auction from their behind doors “crash course” that involves God only knows what various “techniques” as the public is not privy to observe. What happens to any mares/fillies is worrisome to me. Several years ago, I suggested to the program “boss” during a local radio interview that the Women’s Prison be allowed to gentle the mares and fillies for adoption. These hard headed boys were not amenable to my suggestion. Unfortunately, gender discrimination (maybe a touch of latent homosexuality?) for all species is well and alive in our country.

    I am so happy that this situation turned out so well. Wishing long and peaceful lives to these precious mares. The wild ones have endured so much at the unkind hands of humans over the centuries.

    Betty Kelly
    Carson City NV 89704

    • Shirley said

      Betty You said it well. I do not own mares but I have 3 geldings. Two have good heads on them, the third was an abused rescue, He still doe not trust as completely as the other two.

      I know a couple of people who have mustangs and they are wonderful horses.

      I am in TX a few hrs from where this happened, my sister lives in the hick town and told me about it.

      Guns. Wild Dangerous horses, There would have been a wild loud outcry had they shot one.

      • In Texas, there would have been a wild banshee outcry. I could not believe they had this measure in place regardless of whether or not it was just a precaution. As we continue to scream from the mountain tops- there are better ways.

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