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Lifesavers Needs a Little Christmas Miracle… ok… 130 Little Christmas Miracles

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on December 16, 2010

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation recently thinned their horse herds. There will be a few hundred more reservation Mustangs going through the Fallon Livestock Exchange on December 18th.
Today, (Tuesday, December 14th) Jill Starr of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue met with a Paiute representative who agreed NOT TO SEND ABOUT 130 FOALS AND YEARLINGS TO THIS SALE BUT INSTEAD GIVE THEM TO LIFESAVERS. Lifesavers has recently taken in about 100 Paiute horses on top of the Pilot Valley, Winecup and Blossom horses that they took in earlier this year, so the rescue of these foals is dependent on the participation of allied groups and individual volunteers who could each take a few horses to gentle and place with adopters.  As is currently envisioned the horses would be made available free of charge, and the groups or volunteers could charge adoption fees to recover their feed expenses.
The Paiutes have given Lifesavers a week to work this out.  They have withdrawn the weanlings and foals from the 18th sale, but if Lifesavers can’t put together a consortium of allies to tackle this project the horses will go into the next sale scheduled two weeks later.
Groups and individuals willing to participate can accept the weanlings and yearlings in stages. Lifesavers just needs to have reasonable commitments now and have them disbursed from their Fallon holding corrals by late spring. It is envisioned that some groups or individuals would need to accept, gentle and place smaller numbers, taking in additional horses after the first ones get placed.
The alternative to this plan is the kill buyers, so we need to get something going. LIFESAVERS MUST HAVE COMMITMENTS BY THE END OF NEXT WEEK!
Lifesavers also touched on some future options with the tribal representative and the tribe appears interested in discussing concepts such as fertility control and youth horse programs as alternatives to letting the herd run up until environmental concerns produce large removals that result in large numbers of horses showing up at the livestock sale. I was asked to send this notice out to individuals and wild horse groups, asking if any of you can take in some weanlings or yearlings for handling and halter training.
Meanwhile, we need to all work collectively to promote adopters for these horses. These young horses will initially be sent to Lifesavers’ holding facility in Fallon. Please remember that they do not have to be taken in at any one time but can be spread out over the upcoming months. We’re hoping as many people as possible with appropriate horse experience will come forward to help these young horses.
Please contact Shirley Allen at 775-246-7636 or email to make a tentative commitment and/or get additional information.

For the horses,

H. Bonnie Matton, President
Wild Horse Preservation League


9 Responses to “Lifesavers Needs a Little Christmas Miracle… ok… 130 Little Christmas Miracles”

  1. Linda Horn said

    T., do you think putting this up on the Alex Brown blog might help in any way? A “Do you know someone?”, networking kind of thing? People are always asking for money there, but this is about contacts and spreading the word – FAST – which doesn’t cost a thing.

  2. Jan said

    i think this should be a case where perhaps horse breeding should be cut back – and only the best horses allowed to breed – a surplus of 130 foals and weanlings tells me they are over breeding the horses – maybe mares shd be given the sterile shot or more stallions altered – just a thot to cut down on unwanted horses

  3. Puller Lanigan said

    Will photos be available on a site to view the foals?

  4. Linda Horn said

    This morning brought glad tidings of a true Miracle … the remaining 235 Pyramid Lake horses at Fallon have been saved from the killers! I believe the Lord, Great Spirit, or whatever Higher Power guides human lives, sent special Angels to rescue these noble animals gifted to our care.

    Blessings be on Madeleine Pickens, Jill Starr, and everyone they hold dear!

    Blessings be on these magnificent horses as they begin their new lives!

    Blessings be on the Paiute Nation … may they find the sacred path of enlightenment!

    Blessings be on you and yours … the two leggeds and four leggeds who bring each other joy!

    And blessings be on all creation in this holy season and throughout the coming year!

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