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OIG Report on BLM’s Activities Released

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on December 13, 2010

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report on BLM’s activities has been released.  A copy has been uploaded to the AOWHA web site and it can be viewed here:
(If your browser trips up on spaces, just go to and scroll down to BLM OIG Report 2010.)
Some of this report is logical.  For example, BLM has a responsibility to manage horses for a thriving ecological balance, and short of seriously engaging in other approaches, roundups are going to be their primary methodology.  However it is my opinion that we can craft a sensible and practical response to this report, acknowledging the obvious but keeping our other positions in the national discussion with respect to the long term costs of trap and toss and the advantages of various alternatives to achieve the stated objective of a thriving ecological balance.
We’ll be working on some talking points.  Ideas are always welcome.

“:O) Willis

3 Responses to “OIG Report on BLM’s Activities Released”

  1. betty said

    One comment I would like to make. there have been requests tor raise the top bars over the chutes where horses are moved from corral to corral becasue several horses have reared and hit their heads and broken their necks. As a safety concern I would like to see that center cross bar either moved up or taken off the feed troughs ( I think its palomino valley but maybe other places too) If a horse with its head in that feeder spooks it will hit its head or neck on that bar and that may be the reason so many of the calico horses were found dead in the mornings?That’s my two cents worth.

    • Betty,
      I called John Tuesday to inquire about this. He was already out of the office and I was in meetings all day yesterday so we haven’t caught up with each other yet. Letcha know soon as we do.

    • Betty,
      I just got off the phone with John Neill out at Palomino Valley. I asked him about the top rails above the hay feeding areas of the fences at Broken Arrow and if it was where the Calico horses had been found dead in the mornings. John said that no, they had been found in the pens – away from the hay feeding areas – so this wouldn’t be a factor. He said that they’ve not had issues with pole injuries associated with this part of the pens.

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