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Tuesday Noon Update: Pine Nut Gather Mare/Foal Release

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on November 30, 2010

Tuesday update: Panels are being set up. Mares and foals should arrive shortly before noon. We’ll get photos and send a couple to Tracie-Lynn for posting along with an account of the release.

Also, BLM canceled the Pilot Mountain gather. Reconnaisance flights didn’t reveal the numbers of horses expected. Their census data is old and BLM opted to hold off any activities until an accurate new census could be undertaken. If the horses turn out to be within AML, they will be left alone. The same folks from the Carson City office that intervened when it looked like the foals weren’t going to be released have taken the position that if their census data is in question, they aren’t going to remove horses until they know what they are doing and whether removals are actually warranted. Wow, what a concept. It is reassuring that there are folks in the agency who do want to operate this program correctly. Hopefully that attitude will spread.

“:O) Willis


2 Responses to “Tuesday Noon Update: Pine Nut Gather Mare/Foal Release”

  1. betty said

    YES!!! Common sense at last!

  2. Linda Horn said

    Thanks, Willis. Hope the good news keeps on coming!

    I believe that, working TOGETHER, folks can find sensible solutions for the wild ones no matter how many are involved or where they’re located. Whether you’re onscene or online, check egos and petty grievances at the door and get after it. It’s not about any one of US. It’s about THEM!

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