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Fatality of Mound House Horse Wednesday Night on US-50, Refusal by State to Allow Advocates to Intervene

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on October 14, 2010

Thursday, October 14th, 2010 brings some bad news on the Virginia Range Horses…

Fatality of Mound House Horse Wednesday Night on US-50, Refusal by State to Allow Advocates to Intervene

Another Mound House horse was hit on US-50 last night, just west of Centennial Drive in Carson City. The state of Nevada is still REFUSING to authorize diversion feeding that the local communities would pay for and who would perform the necessary labor to keep horses off the highway. In fact, the officials have said they would go after anyone who does that  with the Nevada State Statutes that prevent it. This “position” affects all the diversion feed programs on the range, including keeping horses out of Reno and Virginia City.

In the meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture is picking up horses and hauling them to the Fallon Livestock Exchange. It appears that the Department is doing this in secret – not publishing various legal notices as required by law and not freezebranding the horses for identification, also required by law. I’ll be taking a complaint to the Attorney General this morning along with copies of the legal sections from the newspaper showing that the required notices were not published.

Meanwhile, I urge everyone with an interest in these horses to call the Governor’s Office and Mr. Hettrick’s Office and demand an explanation as to why the state is preventing the traditional control of these horses through feed diversion, why the horses that were picked up haven’t been turned over to cooperators, and why horses are showing up in Fallon without the legally required public notices and brands. There are Virginia Range horses presently standing at the Fallon Livestock Exchange and more are likely to show up.

Here are some phone numbers and email addresses you may wish to use:

Governor Gibbons’ Office: 775-694-5670

For email pleas use the web form:

Deputy Chief of Staff Lynn Hettrick:  775-684-5670

Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto: 775-684-1100

Edie Cartwright, Public Affairs:

Beware of the BS Responses:

1. Feed diversions don’t work. (They have been successful for years.)

2. Cooperators won’t take the horses. (Of course they will, they always have.)

3. The state is broke. (Then stop preventing the citizens from addressing the problem.)

4. The state can sell the horses. (Only after the public notice and branding requirements are met.)

5. Notices were published. (Advocates have copies of the specific newspapers that the law says the notices have to appear in and there are no notices.)

It is my opinion that in order to fix this situation we can’t let the state think we are simply going to let the issue die down. They felt the pressure back when the “Hettrick’s Irrigation” incident started, but all indications are that they think we’re losing interest and things are returning to “business as usual.” The local citizens and horse groups could have solved this problem but were prevented by the state.


8 Responses to “Fatality of Mound House Horse Wednesday Night on US-50, Refusal by State to Allow Advocates to Intervene”

  1. Morgan Griffith said

    After reading this I called the numbers Willis listed. the one to the gov’s office had a recording come on saying it was a wrong #. I left a message for a Miss Collins at the Atty. Gen’s office as she was away from desk–no return call, I’ll call her. Talked to Mary at Hettricks office and told her there was no reason for this blood bath when simple precautions and allowing the public to help on their own dime was the simple answer. Told her the State of Nevada really could not want this blood on their hands since this is such a dangerous situation for both horses and humans. She did tell me the water is turned off but if there is still anything to eat the horses will return. The state needs to enter into a spirit of cooperation and bring a resolution to this most dangerous and deadly problem. I will continue to call and email, don’t worry Willis I have a long memory.

    • Morgan… As always, thank you most graciously for the support. Willis has been out this evening dealing with “issues”. It seems these days, all any of us do is deal with more and more issues that are just plain idiotic and stupid, not to mention redundant.
      Anyhow. Don’t wanna get off into that puddle right now LOL. Again, thanks for the support and keep the calls and emails headed their way. More details to come as they come in.

  2. Jan said

    seems as nevada is dead set to get rid of their horses no matter how many suffer – read and saw video on madeleine pickens’ website about the wild stallion called braveheart and how he broke his neck and was left to suffer and die

    • Hi Jan,
      We are all deeply saddened by the loss of yet another of member of the American Wild Mustang’s Progeny. There are so many sorrowfull times these days that it seems we’ll never find the answer… But we will. Never lose faith. In this situation, we are dealing with Gibbons more so than BLM. Go straight to the source: Gibbons’ office. Hit it, and hit is hard as hell!

  3. Glenda McClure said

    This is disgusting, and smack of Harry Reid & his cronies. Boycott Beef!

  4. Sheena GODi said

    Hello Willis

    Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the “RIGHT CAUSE”! It is so unfortunate that the State doesn’t even abide by its own laws;Hypocricy at its finest! The good fight must be faught and im on board!!!

    Sheena GODi

  5. […] Fatality of Mound House Horse Wednesday Night on US-50, Refusal by State to Allow Advocates to Inte… […]

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