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Moundhouse Horse Update & What YOU Can Do… September 22, 2010

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on September 22, 2010

Here’s today’s story in the Nevada Appeal about the Moundhouse horses and the infamous Drako Rd. “alfalfa patch.”
This incident not only illustrates Nevada horse issues but also the games that get played regarding Nevada water rights.  The “alfalfa patch” is located within the Carson City city limits.  Carson City has watering restrictions in effect for the city, as described in this Nevada Appeal story.
So while the residents of Carson City are on water restrictions, the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff is watering what could best be described as a glorified weed patch, claiming that he is putting the water to “beneficial use” in order to retain some water rights that he owns.
If this was a legitimate commercial farming operation it would be one thing.  But irrigating a rocky, unimproved, weed and brush infested commercially nonviable piece of ground to retain water rights while the rest of the city is going thirsty seems over the top.
Leave your personal comments, regardless as to how you feel about the situation, on the comment blog that accompanies the horse story.  The papers use comments to gauge public interest in the various topics they cover.  Horses need to remain a hot topic.
Contact the Division of Water Resources and ask how someone can irrigate a weed patch inside the Carson City city limits and claim it as beneficial use while the rest of the city is on water restrictions, and ask that the matter be fully investigated.  The property is on Drako Rd. and is owned by Lynn Hettrick.  775-684-2800
Continued attention to this issue will help prevent others from scapegoating our horses, creating a public safety hazard, (and in this instance wasting our water) for their own personal benefit.
“:O) Willis


4 Responses to “Moundhouse Horse Update & What YOU Can Do… September 22, 2010”


    This is so typical of certain government officials to get what they can no matter who it hurts. Don’t tell me this man can not afford to put up a fence it does not cost that much. Now by trying to get by and not due the correct ordance he has put our horses in danger and more than likely he don’t even care. This man has shown no respect for the horses and also the people. I think the Governor should correct his man AND I MEAN CORRECT or get someone else who does care.

  2. Morgan Griffith said

    Thanks T & Willis, I left a comment. I was surprised there are only 7.

  3. jean said

    Another act of irresponsibility and down right disregard for our wildlife! This is shameful and they need to be held accountable for their actions….NOW

  4. morganlvr said

    There are more now, Morgan, including mine. 🙂

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