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Pine Nut & Lahontan Wild Horse Gathers, Meeting in Lyon County, Nevada…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on September 16, 2010

The Lyon County Animal Control Advisory Board has included a BLM presentation and public Q&A regarding the Pine Nut and Lahontan wild horse gathers in its upcoming agenda.  The meeting will be at 7:00 PM on Tuesday night, September 21, at the Silver Springs Senior Center.  This location will provide people an opportunity to attend, ask questions and make comments who were not able to attend the Wildlife Board meeting in Yerington.  Details can be found on the agenda (below.) 

Please note that this is an information only agenda item to allow the public to interface with BLM representatives and vice versa, and to get first hand information on how to submit formal comments to BLM.  The Animal Control Board has no advisory jurisdiction over BLM activities and for that reason the Board itself will not take any action.   

I urge anyone concerned about these gathers to get first hand information from BLM so that you can form fact based opinions and if you wish to submit formal comments to BLM, you will have a factual basis for your comments.


If you are in the area, we hope to see you there!  

Thanks!   “:O) Willis 


at the Silver Springs Senior Center 2475 Ft. Churchill St. Silver Springs, NV 89429  

Agenda for Tuesday, September 21 – 7:00 PM


Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance – Chairman Jackson 

Approval of MinutesAction: The Board will approve the minutes from the previous meeting. 

Approval of AgendaAction: The Board will review the agenda and may remove items from consideration or adjust their order of presentation as may be necessary. 

Correspondence – Chairman Jackson – Informational: The Board will review and may discuss written items sent or received by the Board since its last regular meeting. 

Member ItemsInformational: Board Members may present emergent items. No action may be taken by the Board. Any item requiring Board action will be properly noticed on a future Board agenda. 

Discussion ItemsAction may be taken 

1. Animal Services Report- Informational – A representative from the Animal Services will brief the Board on current issues involving departmental statistics, staffing, service, and impound trends and related matters. 

2. Restricted Animal Ordinance and Related EventsAction may be taken: Interim County Manager Jeff Page will brief the Board and public present on the status of the county ordinance and the relocation of Siberian tigers in Silver Springs. 

3. Proposed Wild Horse Gathers in the Pine Nut and Lahontan RangesInformational: A representative from BLM will report on upcoming wild horse gathers and answer questions presented by the Board and the public. 

4. Feral Cats – Informational Information will be received regarding efforts to address the feral cat issue. 

5. Horses confined in small unsheltered enclosuresAction may be taken: The Board will hear citizen concerns regarding horses confined in small unsheltered enclosures and may make recommendations regarding this issue. 

Public Comment Period – Informational Persons wishing to speak on items not on the agenda may make public comments. Time allowed may be limited as necessary to conduct Board business. No action may be taken by the Board. Any item requiring Board action will be given proper notice on a future Board agenda. 

In accordance with NRS 241.020 this agenda closes at least three business days prior to the meeting date and has been posted at: 

  • Lyon County Administration Building – 27 S. Main St., Yerington, NV 89447
  • Silver Springs Senior Ctr.- 2945 Ft. Churchill St., Silver Springs, NV 89429
  • Lyon County Animal Services – 3705 Hwy 50 E., Silver Springs, NV 89429
  • Dayton Public Library – 321 Old Dayton Valley. Rd., Dayton, NV 89403
  • City of Fernley, City Hall – 595 Silver Lace Blvd., Fernley, NV 89408

The Silver Springs Senior Center is accessible to persons with disabilities and assistance is available on site to those persons requiring it.


8 Responses to “Pine Nut & Lahontan Wild Horse Gathers, Meeting in Lyon County, Nevada…”

  1. Tracie; I urge anyone concerned about these gathers to get first hand information from BLM so that you can form fact based opinions and if you wish to submit formal comments to BLM, you will have a factual basis for your comments.

    Tracie, Is this what you think people will get if they contact BLM??? Fact based information???? mar

    • Mar,
      What I think is that anyone who is able to speak to BLM directly can get their answers first hand, and that the answers they receive will be fact in the sense that they being presented as facts. Therefore, any repeating or reporting of those answers will be undeniable by either party involved.
      I think what your question/statement is really intending to say is do I think that if people contact BLM, will they get the truth?
      Simple answer: No, I don’t think that if they contact BLM they will get truth because BLM is not one person. It is an agency that employs many people. One employee’s answer will not always be the same as the next employee’s answer, therefore not the truth, BUT not lies either. It would be the best answer that employee had at the time. As communications delivery more information, the answer will change.
      Quite frankly, I am still dumbfounded at the lack of comprehension on the part of the advocates that BLM is not one huge conglomerate of mass murderers of wild horses. I had hoped that by now the advocates would have educated themselves enough to know that there are those among the BLM employees who are truly working as hard as they can to save the wild horses in their care. There is a bad apple in every bunch. Does that mean you cut down the whole tree?
      Why is it that the first thing that always comes up in a reply is incredulous shock that someone could actually use the words “BLM” and “fact” in a sentence together where the context implies that those facts come from BLM? Why is everyone so quick to pounce at the throat and go for blood?
      Wait, let me guess, the first reply to this will be because that’s what BLM does to the wild horses. Wow. Are you guys so jaded and caught up in the sensationalism that you can’t see the real picture right in front of your noses??? What are you accomplishing with the constant rumors, gossip and scandal? And yes, I called it “rumors, gossip and scandal” because as of yet, I have not seen all that many tales that were more than editorial opinions and they’ve had no factually based evidence to support them.
      So I suppose the question here is this: If people contact advocates, do you really think they will get factually based information? Or will they only get the hype and opinionated tales of someone from whom they eventually turn and run as far & fast away from as they can?
      I think that yes, there are some advocates who can offer factually based information that can be used towards the common goal we are all supposed to be following: better management options for the horses. Those who do their research, collect their scientific data, and who remain as objective as they can without colorful adjectives and sarcasm, they are the ones I trust.
      But to be honest here, I really don’t have any faith left in some of the advocates whose reports have become nothing more than what seems like tyrants and dictators with their own brand of propaganda to sway the public towards hating all that is BLM. I read one just the other day that was filled with hatred. It was actually a shock to me to see the words from this person that I have known for some time now be so laced with hatred. Worse, the claims made in this report were untrue. They were maliciously obtained to start with and then taken out of context. All of this was done without ever asking the first question of the person on the receiving end of that hatred as to what was actually being discussed and with whom they were discussing the matter (which by the way was not who the report claimed had been involved in the discussion.)
      How do you think you would feel if someone acted this way towards you?
      Closed off?

      I know how I would feel, and quite frankly the adjectives above are a bowl full of daises comparatively.
      Walk a mile in the shoes of the ones you accuse. Once your feet are blistered and sore from that mile, ask yourself again if you really want to accuse that person.

      • sandra longley said

        For some reason you seem to think the american taxpayer has no right to express their displeasure at the BLMs handling of public lands , horses and their various “interpretations” of laws and administrative a governmental agency..everything they do or say is open for critisim..and thats how it should be..some people are impressed by a uniform, or feel they have a power or authority higher than theirs, it certainly is no indication that what they say are facts, or the truth-and accepting what they say as fact flies in the face of all that has happened to the contrary..and childlike..We cannot afford the luxury of that approach-and when I say we-I am talking the wild horses and advocates…everything you have said can be applied to the small group of people who believe as you do..the rumoring, gossiping backbiting and sniveling has apparently become an epidemic, and the people who seem to think they have cornered the market on truth have personal vendettas that seem to overwhelm their concern for the wild horses..but then wild horse annie experienced the exact same thing..I think impartiality went out the window some time ago..and the pot calling the kettle black- does not change that picture-for us this is really about saving the horses..not about the people who need attention

        • said

          I have no issue with criticism and opposition – they are necessary components to better outcomes than the ones presently faced. However, I do feel that making mountains out of mole hills is just ridiculous. It seems like these days even the smallest comment from anyone @ BLM or WH&B is fodder for a pyre to rival Salem’s.
          I didn’t intend for my reply to appear as though I was speaking directly at anyone in particular – except where I used direct language – but for a more generalized observation and commenting on the situation I’ve seen over the past several weeks. I’m all for constructive criticism and opposition. I’m not for the destructive kind. It just doesn’t make any sense in my mind. What purpose does it serve? None for he horses so to me that means none at all.
          Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

        • sandra longley said

          What appears to be a molehill to you-is a mountain to the wild horses..I don’t need to walk a mile in the BLMs shoes…they don’t need saving..and having conversations with the BLM is a waste of breath-they have progresssively gotten worse over this year..despite efforts made by advocates..when you limp 8 miles in those hoofprints at twin peaks-we are on the same page.

  2. Jan said

    i have a friend in northern calif that does pet rescue but she told me that most people who are doing cat and dog rescue do not know about the plight of our wild horses and that somehow the word needs to get out so more people can petition the blm to stop the roundups – was out with a friend today and we stopped by our apple valley new animal shelter – met a man there who was going to adopt a abandon horse that the shelter had – he said he adopts thoroughbreds no one wants and i told him about the cloud foundation and this group and some others – he said he had no idea our wild horses were in such danger – and he was going to definitely look into it – did not get his name but sure he went home and cked out cloud website and this one – i just tell people about our horses wherever i go – he asked me what was the reason for the blm taking horses off the public lands told him large ranchers and engery companies – so he was really upset about the reasons – told him blm is online and he could read about it

    • said

      Same here… I’ve actually made a few of my co-workers get aggravated (affectionately albeit) bc I talk about the horses so much. Good news is that now 2 of my project managers are looking n2 adopting Mustangs! Yea!!!
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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