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Deepwater Horizon Investigation Report Issued…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on September 13, 2010

Deepwater Horizon Accident Investigation Report

A word of caution… There are 192 pages in this document and it is 13.63 mb but… It’s here if you would like to download it. I am currently reviewing the document as I just received it about 30 minutes ago myself.

I Need Coffee!!!


2 Responses to “Deepwater Horizon Investigation Report Issued…”

  1. jan said

    i have the space but what is it about or can u read online before u download it

    • Nope, can’t read it online. It is not a BLM, MMS, 3rd party, etc report. This report was completed by the internal investigative team at BP.
      Now, before everyone jumps up and says “oh, well then it must be full of BS and lies because it was done by BP”… think again. Both my boss and I read over the key findings of this report today, along with several of the technical drawings with their data.
      Bottom line: Someone dropped the ball when they got the data stating that the test failed. They either didn’t read the data correctly, or they read it correctly and didn’t do anything about it.
      Hydrocarbons were actually leaking 8 minutes before anyone knew anything. They were leaking for 48 minutes before catastrophe.
      Again, just putting it out there in case anyone wants it. But I do hope that anyone who reads and then comments on the report will pay very close attention to the dates.

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