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TMP Presents… Labor Day 2010 Tribute to the Working Horse of America

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on September 4, 2010

I am the horse.
I have carried you across the plains, mountains, prairies, and waters.
I have allowed you upon my back to make your journey easier and faster.
I have taken you places you could not have gone without me.
My hooves have left their marks in the earth lighter than those of your machines,
Saving the precious saplings who are not spared by their trespassing.
I have worked to plow your fields, harvest your crops, and to feed your children.
Even though all the while I lived in a space smaller than that of your modern garages,
I still gave you my best every day that I could.
It hurt, but it was worth my own pain to see you fulfilled.
When I was not needed to work in your fields, I pulled your carts, wagons and stagecoaches.
I delivered news across the country of war, of famine, of the end of trials and tribulations.
I knew how important your tasks were, and I felt your anxious energy.
I gave more than I knew my body could so that you could accomplish your urgent tasks.
It hurt, but it was worth my own pain to see you at ease.
I have traversed many miles in the face of despair searching for your children.
I have stepped as easily and gently as I could to carry them back to safety.
I have felt the flood of relief wash over my own body as it did yours once that safety came.
I have fought beside you in wars, battles, and in riots.
I have placed my own body in front of yours to ensure your safety.
It hurt, but it was worth my own pain to see you unharmed.
I have given you all of myself, year after year and time after time.
I have sacrificed my blood, sweat, tears, and my own children to give you what you asked of me.
I have done all of this out of my love for you.
I will continue to do all of this out of my loyalty to you.
I am the horse.
— Tracie Lynn Thompson

A little about the music in this video…     The song is called “American Made” and is by a band called Clovis. The lead singer is a very good friend of ours, Damien Okun. Damien and Clate used to be in a band together and jam out some pretty awesome music. Clovis is – as of yet – unsigned to any label and the self titled album is self-produced. Not bad for some southern boys! Their sound has been described as the following: If Pantera, Lynerd Skynerd, Hank Williams, Jr., and Metallica got together and had a kid, Clovis would be it’s name! Hope you folks enjoy! T.


2 Responses to “TMP Presents… Labor Day 2010 Tribute to the Working Horse of America”


    Tracie, thank you for some great music and a perfect theme. As one who is always looking for a “Made in America” label before buying, I really appreciate it. We are having to take a stand, once again, for what America is really all about.

  2. reveil said

    Cool music, pix and poem.

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