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WH&B Gather Schedule, updated…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on September 2, 2010

Herd Management Area Gather Date Planned Gather Number Planned Removal Number Office of Administrative Jurisdiction
Nuisance (Burros) 10/1/09 – 9/30/10 45 45 Kingman, AZ
Eagle (outside HA) 3/10/10 – 9/29/10 50 50 Ely District Office
Ligget Table 7/1/10 – 9/30/10 40 40 Burns, OR
Twin Peaks (Burros) 8/9/10 – 9/23/10 302 205 Eagle Lake, CA
Twin Peaks (Horses) 8/9/10 – 9/23/10 2,301 1,853 Eagle Lake, CA
Moriah 8/10/10 – 8/13/10  72 72 Ely, NV
Stinking Water 8/18/10 – 8/23/10 215 175 Burns, OR
Bordo 9/1/10 – 9/30/10 107 50 Socorro, NM
Reveille 9/4/10 – 9/8/10 250 198 Battle Mountain District Office
Confusion Mountain 9/7/10 – 9/17/10 300 250 Fillmore, UT
Conger 9/7/10 – 9/17/10 260 230 Fillmore, UT
Montezuma 9/9/10 – 9/13/10 139 139 Battle Mountain District Office
Paymaster 9/14/10 – 9/16/10 45 45 Battle Mountain District Office
Silver King 9/18/10 – 9/30/10 600 545 Ely District Office
Cibola (Burros) 9/25/10 -9/30/10 100 100 Yuma, AZ
Totals   4,826 3,997  

3 Responses to “WH&B Gather Schedule, updated…”

  1. Roxy said

    Tracie, I wish there were a 3rd collumn or another table showing the number of horses BLM says are on these sites. Twin Peaks for example supposedly had 2800 or so, BLM was planning all along to leave 500 or so ‘un gathered’ (how that actually panned out we don’t know – it does appear they ‘over gathered’).

    Going by this table one would think there are only 500 horses on the range – the ones being returned, when there are actually as many as 1000 or so on the range.

    Reading this table it appears that many are zeroing out, when that may not be the case at all – causing some panic and misdirected efforts.

    You already do so much, but would it be possible to take that extra step of posting the number of horses in the HMA before roundup?

    Maybe BLM already as that table somewhere to just copy and paste?

    • Hey Roxy,
      The population estimates are usually in the first section of the EAs. The problems are that they are only estimates and those estimates have been changing quite a lot in these past several gathers.
      I have been lacking *severely* on TMP here in the past couple of months simply because I *am* so overwhelmed. Before when I wasn’t having to work a “paying” job to help out on the farm I was able to keep up with the ever-changing daily information about BLM’s gathers and operations. Now, with Mouse, India, Bailey, Cody, Britton, the calves still being born (yup, they’re late as hell this year) and oh yea – the rebuilding of the barn, and a 50 hr work week being added on top of all that – I’m pooped LOL! So sorry to vent but I’d to lose my head if it weren’t screwed onto my shoulders 🙂
      Anywho! I will do my best to get an updated gather list with some more info out soon as I can. Been meaning to get that done anyhow.
      Stay safe! (And warm!)

      • Roxy said

        Thanks for the response.

        You are doing fine with all you have on your table – no worries. All will work out.

        Well, in my case, in Pheonix metro area I have had all the warmth I can stand from summer – but you stay safe and warm too.

        Maybe I’ll try to compilate those numbers and date them – I just notice that it is hard to understand – I see others, as I had erroneously misunderstood, that 300 gathered and 300 removed does not necessarily mean ZERO on the range –

        and yes BLM does deal us a clever shell game.

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