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Mighty Mouse the Mustang… A few new pics…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 26, 2010

Ho hum... Ho hum...


Hi Mom!


I think I see a few I missed!

Dad wait! I gotta get the crumbs!


Just give it here!


I'll get it myself!

7 Responses to “Mighty Mouse the Mustang… A few new pics…”

  1. Donna Buscemi said

    OMG! A headless Mustang!

  2. reveil said

    very cute. Beautiful coat. My heart’s melting. He looks a little thin but he sure is making up for it. Are you going to have to keep high fences until he is fully grown and you are able to ride him?

    • Yea, he is adapting a little slower than I expected to the Texas Coastal heat and humidity. He was so thin when I first brought him home from the adoption, and then had gained around 75lbs. But about a month and a half ago when the heat really got intense, he dropped 50lbs and then another 25-40lbs within 2 weeks. Scared the crap out of me because it happened so fast! I had my vet come out and check to make sure we weren’t missing any underlying problems. All of the tests/exams came back fine, just his body stressing due to the change in temperature from his norm up in Northern Oklahoma. Luckily, Mouse was already beginning to regulate his eating habits (most mustangs will eat continuously if there is food in front of them as an instinctual reaction from supply/demand in the wild). As he was getting better about spacing out his feeding on his own, I was able to increase his protein amounts from his hay and add Wendlands One N Only, also is a free choice feed. Over the past month, he has really begun to show great improvements.
      With Mouse, it’s hard to tell about the fencing issue. As the heat index has been so high here lately and with his physical condition, I have not done anything to stress his system at all. This includes any training beyond the normal “oh mom, scratch right there, yea, right there!”. So there are still some behavioral habits that he exhibits that require the higher fence. Also, Mouse is still a stud, and with that testosterone comes other behavioral traits that require the fence height. Until he has acclimated totally to our climate and has regained his weight, I will not move forward with the gelding or the training. I just don’t feel comfortable with the possible side effects currently.
      Needless to say, he is spoiled as all get out! He has a “horsey ball” that he plays with all the time, and of course he has to talk to everyone in the neighborhood… He follows us around when we are working in the corral, and we had better watch anything hanging from our pockets that he can take… And his favorite past time (other than being mischievous) is to stand under the water hose. A few weekends ago, the heat index hit 115! There was no air movement, I mean literally, NO AIR MOVEMENT AT ALL. The air felt like a convection oven. So I moved him to the corral from his stall and stood out there for 3 hours straight with the water hose spraying water into the air – sort of like a fountain – where it would land on his back. Within about 30 minutes, I was soaking wet from sweating and he was fast asleep! Yea, spoiled!

  3. Jan said

    wish more horses could find such a loving home as mouse has – if i had the money i would adopt one – too old to ride now but i would make sure someone would help me care for one – cant believe all the roundups still scheduled and no one is stopping them

    • Thx Jan!
      There are many horses in rescues and shelters who are “companion only” horses due to their advanced age and/or their inability to be ridden any longer. These Equine Elders are still in need of loving retirement homes, and most all of them appreciate a scratch behind the ear! Best of all, if someone has younger horses in need of a surrogate “teacher”, some of these companion Equines can still provide a great service that is priceless!

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