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Dr. Eric Davis, Report of July 01, 2010 Visit to Indian Lakes Facility

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 22, 2010

Dr. Eric Davis, Report of July 01, 2010 Visit to Indian Lakes Facility


4 Responses to “Dr. Eric Davis, Report of July 01, 2010 Visit to Indian Lakes Facility”

  1. Jan said

    this sounds like barbaric procedure but i think horses shd have more care after surgery as i saw some photos of young horses that were very swollen – and i think weanlings are far too young for this procedure – what are they age 6 months or a little older – seems blm shd wait until the colts are at least age 1 year old

    i think the older stallions – if someone wants them like that they shd be allowed to adopt them as was in the case of the calico stallions and also one pryor mt stallion

  2. Linda Horn said

    Some interesting and several REALLY SCARY comments, especially about gelding and anesthetics. The overall program seems like some loosely documented/anecdotal field experiment – gelding, PZP, skewed herd ratios, etc. I still don’t see much “science” in the accepted, clinical sense. It’s more like, “Let’s do this and see what happens.”

    Toward the end Dr. Davis writes, “The real solution will be an economic, environmental, political, and philosophical agreement between stakeholders with interests in the lands and resources where these horses live. When the name calling stops, “success” is defined, and choices based on objective information are discussed there will be a chance of a better life for horses.”

    So when is the BLM going to convene or participate in REAL round table discussions (PLURAL and ongoing!!!)? I don’t mean meetings with representatives and their facilitators on one side of the table and an audience on the other. No taking comments “under advisement” and then proceeding with the “same old same old” failed management methods. And ALL egos checked at the door!

    As to “stakeholders” – the mustangs and burros are supposed to be held “in trust” for the AMERICAN PEOPLE (Hey, American Indians, how’s that BIA “in trust” thing workin’ out for ya?) – not vested self-interests. Granted, the list of exploiters and savers of all stripes is exceedingly long, but, to be democratic (even within a republic), none should take precedence over another. A corporation may legally be a person, but we are persons as well!

    At a recent capture, a BLM independent observer (contradiction in terms?) has reportedly said the advocates need to “give”. Give as in “give up”? Give as in “say uncle”? NOT ON MY WATCH!

    I, along with so many others, will continue to GIVE purpose and passion, time and effort, criticism and compliment (as appropriate) until the wild ones are no longer forced to GIVE UP their freedom … and their LIVES!

  3. Linda Horn said

    T., I changed my WordPress screen name to avoid confusion with comments by another “Linda”. Now I’m “awaiting moderation” on several blogs. Any ideas on how to clean this up?

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