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Conger PEA & Winter Ridge Scoping Letter, Aug & Sept Wild Horse Gathers in Utah

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 6, 2010

Preliminary EA for Conger Complex Wild Horse Gather, Utah 

Scoping Letter for Winter Ridge Wild Horse Gather, Utah

  • Proposed Start Date is September 15, 2010
  • Key Point:

The project may include holding horses on location for a minimum of 15 days for testing of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), an incurable contagious disease. Testing would be carried out by a licensed veterinarian and verified by an accredited laboratory. Should any horse test positive for EIA, the horse would be euthanized humanely and buried in the project area according to Utah State Law.

Contact Information:

  • BLM Utah State Office
    P.O. Box 45155
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84145-0155
    440 West 200 South, Suite 500
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
    Phone: (801) 539-4001
    Fax: (801) 539-4013
  • Vernal Field Office
    170 South 500 East
    Vernal, UT 84078
    Field Office Manager: Mike Stiewig
    Phone: (435) 781-4400
    Fax: (435) 781-4410     
  • Fillmore Field Office
    35 East 500 North
    Fillmore, UT 84631
    Field Office Manager: Michael Gates
    Phone: (435) 743-3100
    Fax: (435) 743-3135    

Other Contact Links:


10 Responses to “Conger PEA & Winter Ridge Scoping Letter, Aug & Sept Wild Horse Gathers in Utah”

  1. Donna Buscemi said

    Is screening for EIA new to the BLM? Is this a research protocol? Is this group/area more likely to test positive? I see that the Winter Ridge is being zeroed out! This is just beyond words!

  2. Jan said

    are horses rounded up in other areas tested for this disease too

  3. SHARI WELSH said

    Seems to be new scheme to murder horses !

  4. when is the next round up and we will all get together, would not be the first time that i stood up for something that I believed in and get in their way of murdering more of our horses, they were here long before we were so lets stop them.

  5. Ok guys… Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this… Been waiting on phone calls to be returned.
    I spoke today with Gus Warr, the WH&B Specialist for the state of Utah. He is sending me some information about this issue, it’s history in the state of Utah, prevalence, and possible causes.
    I won’t go too far into detail with it just yet as I don’t have the documents in front of me currently. However, BLM may not be the culprit here. I have one more set of phone calls to make before I know for sure, but I am seeing a pattern here that stems from horses not domesticated, and not BLM wild horses.
    Again, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, so I will *hopefully* post this information by tonight.
    Til then, stay safe!

  6. Shari Welsh said

    I believe the BLM is infecting horses to kill them.

    • Shari,
      This is a case of very poor domestic horse management on the part of the tribal horse owners surrounding this area. They also allow their horses to free-range and due to allowing horses infected with EIA to free-range as well, the Mustangs became infected. This is a battle that has gone on for many years now. Unfortunately, all attempts to contact the Tribal Leaders have not succeeded thus far. I would sure love a comment from them on all this.

  7. thor kenneth said

    but why would they kill the horses ?

    where are the profit in that ?

    by killing the free horses they not only have to pey the bill on killing them, they olso loose the income from turist…

    as far as i can see, anyway you twist and turn the fact’s the BLM is still the loosers….

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