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Comments Due: Eagle, Chokecherry, and Mt. Elinore HMAs Wild Horse Gather

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 5, 2010

Quick Message from the TMP Team:
Everyone, please remember that this site is not now, nor has it ever been run, operated, or affiliated with the BLM, WH&B Program, or the FWS. Any and all comments that are directed at these agencies need to be sent to those agencies directly as they will not receive them from TMP. TMP is a place for open views and open discussions, as well as a place for information distribution. You are welcome to post any comments directed at any of these agencies here as a “vent” or rant because let’s face it, we all need to do that sometimes. Just please remember that you also need to send them directly to those agencies as we cannot do so for you.
Thank you,
The TMP Team

News Release: BLM Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Eagle, Chokecherry, and Mt. Elinore HMA Wild Horse Gather (comments due Sept 4)

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Color Country (Utah) District, Cedar City Field Office; and BLM Ely (Nevada) District, Schell Field Office are seeking public comment on the Eagle, Chokecherry, and Mt. Elinore Herd Management Areas Preliminary Environmental Assessment, which addresses the need to remove approximately 748 excess wild horses from in and around these three HMAs, to bring the number of wild horses to appropriate management levels.  The HMAs are adjacent to the Nevada-Utah state line, approximately 50 miles southeast of Ely. 

The proposed gather is scheduled to begin in January 2011. 

The BLM will accept comments on the preliminary EA through Saturday, Sept. 4, 2010.

There are currently more than 714 wild horses in the Eagle HMA where the appropriate management level (AML) is 100-210 wild horses; 85 wild horses in the Chokecherry HMA where the AML is 30 wild horses; and 79 wild horses in the Mt. Elinore HMA where the AML is 15-25 wild horses. 

The proposed gather is needed to remove excess wild horses to help prevent further deterioration of the range, achieve and maintain a thriving natural ecological balance and achieve and maintain healthy, viable wild horse populations.  If more than 748 wild horses are gathered, selective removal criteria would be used to return horses to the range.  Of the horses remaining on the range, BLM would conduct fertility control measures on mares and/or adjust the sex ratios of the gathered animals to be returned to the HMA to 60 percent male/40 percent female ratios.

Written comments may be submitted to the BLM Ely District Office, HC 33 Box 33500, Ely, NV 89301, attn: Mary D’Aversa, Schell Field Manager, or by e-mail to

Decision Documents

Preliminary Environmental Assessment

News Release


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