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The Mustang Conspiracy, by Willis & from T. August 01, 2010

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on August 1, 2010

When this story first hit the internet from, I sent an email to Richard Wheatley, Public Relations for Ruby Pipeline, LLC. (You may all remember Mr. Wheatley from You Be the Judge, 6th Edition, January 19, 2010: Answers from Ruby Pipeline LLC when I asked about the Ruby Pipeline’s position on wild horses and burros who inhabited areas within the proposed route for the pipeline itself.)

I asked Mr. Wheatley for a chat to visit the findings of’s investigative report, that it was time for he and I to sit down and talk again. Mr. Wheatley replied with the following:

Regardless of the “press” you may have seen recently, we stand by our position.  No need to re-visit this issue. 

Obviously, I have viewed this report, and its accompanying 2-part video. I can’t say that I am surprised, even though I would like to say that. If I could be surprised about it, then I think it would be a little easier for me to combat. However, this does not come as a surprise to me at all, just like the BP Oil Spill itself didn’t come as a surprise to me. Fear, worry, anger, and frustration were the feelings I had on that fateful April morning, but not surprise.

I also wasn’t surprised when the OIG came out with their report back in 2008 that the Lake Charles office of the MMS was corrupt. Again, even though I would like to say that I was, I can’t because quite frankly this information was almost “common knowledge” here in my neck of the woods.

For decades, the people who live in my area have known that the way to do business in the oil industry was to wine and dine the officials. This wining and dining included but was not limited to all expense paid evenings to strip clubs, bars, “fine dining” and whatever else those establishments “offered” their VIP customers.

Oil deals are not made in a board room with members sitting around a table. No, far from this are the ways of the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Worse, this practice is accepted as the norm and is expected by all parties involved. Credit card companies have probably paid for their commercials ten times over with the interest accrued from the oil industry’s expense accounts. No one bats an eye; no one raises a concern. This is the way that it is.

Unfortunately – and I hate to be the bearer of bad news here – but this is still common practice today. If you were to ask someone in the oil industry about this matter in a concerned way, they would simply look at you as though you had lost your mind.

Bottom line: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Enter whatever body parts you like in the place of “back” because I can assure you my friends, back scratching ain’t the only thing going on in the oil industry.


From Willis:


The Internet investigative reporting group, Above Top Secret, and Las Vegas television KLAS (George Knapp / I-Team) have pulled quite a bit of information together and have established some ominous theories as to what is really going on behind the scenes with respect to our public lands, wild horses, wildlife, etc.

As I have said in the past, our wild horses are somewhat of an “indicator species.”  As go the horses, so go our public lands – into private (and oftentimes foreign) hands.  There are growing concerns that while horse advocates and ranchers are distracted by arguing over AMLs vs. AUMs, the rug is being pulled out from under both groups by large corporate interests that would like to see all of the animals out of their way.  The ringing question is that if we are supposed to be on a course to wean ourselves from foreign oil, why are we handing the Gulf and our public lands over to the foreign oil companies?

There seems to be ample evidence for us to conclude that American companies tend to have more sensitivity and interest in preserving what is American.  So why are we letting foreign corporations exploit our resources as if we were some third world country? Some possible answers are provided in the ATS and KLAS reports.

I’ve posted links in the War Room to make it easier to navigate these stories.  The Mustang Conspiracy feature that contains these links can be found here: http://www.aowha. org/war/mustangc onspiracy01. html

The ATS presentations include nearly an hour of video, including KLAS / George Knapp material.  Links to supporting documentation can also be found.

It is my opinion that as more people gain an understanding of what may be going on, we’ll understand why the DOI is committed to bizarre policies and why there appears to be no real ambition to change things.  Also the more we know, the better chance we have of forcing some reforms and returning some sense of balance to the usage of our public lands.

“:O) Willis

One who jumps to conclusions risks an unhappy landing.


9 Responses to “The Mustang Conspiracy, by Willis & from T. August 01, 2010”

  1. Willis, We are not jumping. We are taking steps, one at a time and brining the truth with us one step at a time. mar

  2. sandra longley said

    Yes and the amazing thing..altho we have been on this angle from the beginning..Is that- we would never have headed into an investagtion had they not charged down the road headlong rounding up all horses in sight without a plausible reason..It made us question..why..the first thing I learned in law school..It is the quality of the questions you ask..they will lead you to the answers..the “logical” conclusions

  3. Far away eyes said

    I find it interesting that people that keep claiming to do “rumor control” either are NOT in the state of Nevada or were not part of the group that filed a lawsuit.
    Interesting that BLM is accused of spreding their own lies and then “rumor control” seems to create further distraction to what the advocates (used to represent what appears to be a mainstream fold)hope to achieve.
    It will be rather interesting to watch and see how this unfolds.

  4. Linda said

    Isn’t the “wine and dine” supposed to be illegal, at least for members of Congress? As for the rest, anything regarded as “Accepted and EXPECTED” should be subject to Congressional investigation. Also, I’d like to see the IRS in the mix. It’s their job to “follow the money”. That’s what legitimate taxpayers pay them to do!

    • R. Thompson said

      Wine, dine and any other forms of gratuitous gifting, including sex, drugs and rock & roll, were 100% prohibited in the DoD agency where I worked for years. Not one penny could be spent on you personally, even for a cup of coffee, by a contractor. It was joked about frequently…e.g., “sorry, dude, no beer for you,” etc. at meetings.

      Then they made a small change to the threshold, allowing up to $25 per “occasion.” Smart civil servants still did not accept anything, but some do. The nose was in the tent so to speak. Lord knows what is allowed today or how much fraud is managed in covering it up.

      With the ethics (not to mention tax)issues now besetting Congress and senior members I don’t anticipate any tightening soon. I know civil servants who’ve been demoted because they objected to obvious conflicts of interest. Go against the personal wishes of senior executives (not civil service grade employees) and risk your job. Period.

  5. sandra longley said

    The question of the day…Who is controling the rumors being put out by the BLM..You know the information being disseminated by their growing PR department..If we had access to real facts and figures,they wouldn’t be called get real facts -WE have to go thru the FOIA gettting “the facts” is more about the legitimacy of who is giving them to you..Just because they come from the BLM as ‘the source” does not make them Legit! I prefer to think of it as speculation as opposed to “rumor”..just as in our research on the Ruby, we had facts-but we speculated on motive..for obvious reasons..motive is not revealed

    • sandra longley said

      For those Perry Mason fans..I would like to point out..there is rarely a smoking gun, of facts, but rather a gathering of incriminating evidence..a mounting proponderence of events that can show a pattern of behavior..for you non-legal folks..this is the way most cases are won…

  6. Lisa LeBlanc said

    According to Environmental Working Group (EWG), it’s not just foreign oil on American soil or from American waters. In Nevada alone, 1 in 50 acres of Public land falls under a mining claim, patent or operation.
    89,000 people profit directly from the hard rock & precious metals pulled from the ground (in all Western States). That’s as many people as occupy a medium-sized city, out of a nation of millions. (I don’t want the profits; I just think it’s a little top-heavy, like the DOI.)
    The mining industry is a peerless polluter of the areas they occupy, with solvents & heavy metal poisoning of groundwaters that may never dissipate and permanent geological destruction.
    Most of the mining companies are based in Australia, Britain & Canada.
    And now there’s a movement toward regulating ‘fracking’, the fracturing of bedrock with high pressure infusions of solvents to access liquid natural gas pockets. This has been going on since the cheney administration told the EPA to take a holiday. I don’t know how many of those companies are based in foreign nations.
    During a hearing on the practice of ‘fracking’, one gentleman noted the solvents being used will never biodegrade. They are now and forever a part of the landscape, geology and aquifers beneath the American West.
    This is not fast-tracking us off the Foreign influence. It’s cementing it.
    And damn them all for sailing us off to a dismal future.

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