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News Release Monday, July 26, 2010 BLM Delays Tuscarora Gather Operations to Conduct Overflight

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on July 26, 2010

News Release Monday, July 26, 2010 BLM Delays Tuscarora Gather Operations to Conduct Overflight


18 Responses to “News Release Monday, July 26, 2010 BLM Delays Tuscarora Gather Operations to Conduct Overflight”

  1. Linda said

    Has there ever been a double blind study on the long term impact of the fertility drug on the mares and the skewed sex ratios on herd dynamics, or is this an experiment with no basis in proveable science?

    • sandra longley said

      This is one of those “ideas” that was concocted by the BLM as revealed in their secret internal document, that included spaying mares, returning geldings to HMAs, how to kill excess horses , dispose of them, and deal with public reaction to only if you consider the medical experimentation by Hitler to be science..he sure did. I was told this document was old and had been disgarded…however I have found them to be sneaking these ideas into their manaagement procedures…keep reading this document as events are unfolding and you will see the won’t find that posted here but it was posted on Cloud blog during the WH&B meeting in denver..They were attempting to geld and return stallions to the Stinkingwater HMA in Oregon as per their HMA EA and retracted that do to negative comments.

    • The PZP has been studied quite thoroughly by Dr. Kirkpatrick and others. To my knowledge at this point, there is not a huge impact on the mares due to the actual mechanism of action.
      The skewing of the sex ratios is not something I have ever seen done with any real scientific data stating that it “worked” or didn’t cause damage to the herd dynamics and the horses themselves. I do not agree with skewing the sex ratios AT ALL! There are too many negative side effects not taken into consideration with this method.
      Personally, I feel that if they want the populations controlled, they have two options: Of course, PZP when it is administered properly, and the data that has already been collected by Karen and the folks at ISPMB. The proof is in the pudding.

  2. Linda said

    Is the airspace still closed over the area?

  3. sandra longley said

    The following is a repost of what I left at the cloud blog, I want to add, at the time I was feeling all this-I was mad as hell and fists were clenched, when I wrote this today, tears were streaming down my cheeks…and that is the reality setting in..the helplessness of being unable to stop the murders

    I hope there is some good that come out of the deaths of the OWyhee wild horses, we do not know the total of horses that were euthanized where they stood on the desert, no longer capable of running in terror from the helicopters, staggering foals- how many were lost..we must demand to know the numbers that died and were put down in the field..They count and they matter and should be totaled in the gather deaths..Autopsys were done and not released, that showed they died from heat exhaustion as I first surmised, they will have to be gotten with a FOIA..Please make their deaths matter. i stood there on the Owyhee july 17 & 18 camped on the land where they drew their last breath, making their last stand, feeling their bewilderment, knowing they were drawing those last ragged breaths, unable to see them but there to document the that maybe down the road others would not die from the same criminal actions..around me were masses of wildflowers and springs pouring out the sides of a mountain, water running literally everywhere and nothing but herds of cattle and closed gates in hours of driving..where there were only cattle I saw fenced off springs where the cattle had pushed the fence over and broke the black PVC pipe and water was pouring on the ground instead of into a water trough that was 1/3 empty..all these things I documented while the BLM and Sue Catoor were claiming the horses were dying from drought Water-Gate a whole new meaning!

  4. RVL said

    From reading the report, it seems like they are moving the gather sites closer to the horses, which is a step in the right direction, specially at this stage of the game.
    The presence of the vets seems to have a positive impact on the welfare of the horses, at least to try and ease the distance the horses might have to run.

  5. sandra longley said

    I would imagine this letter will have quite an impact…finally DC speaks up, the owyhee horses did not die in vain..thank you Lord…

  6. sandra longley said

    Wild horse and burro champions, Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and Congressman Nick Rahall (D-WV), are currently circulating a letter that will be sent to Secretary Salazar with a cc to BLM Director, Bob Abbey.

    Please take time today to ask your Congress person to sign on to this letter and show their support for protecting wild horses and burros on our public lands. Please DO NOT contact Congressman Grijalva or Rahall or the House Natural Resources Committee, they are already on board and doing all they can. Take this opportunity to contact your Congress person. The public’s voices must be heard and Secretary Salazar needs to place an immediate moratorium on roundups and removals of our wild horses.

    repost from CFB

    • RVL said

      The HSUS is asking people to comment to BLM as well. They are asking to post comments online. This should have an impact as well.

  7. sandra longley said

    So is this overflight to count bodies? Because I want those numbers..and I am not going to shut up until I get them…and If I have to go in there with a team of people and reporters to find them and count for myself..I am taking a team of reporters..and don’t think you can hide them..we have people watching for that…the days of letting you get away with this crap..are OVER

  8. sandra longley said

    Do not compound the trouble you are in by adding more layers to the coverup..we are checking every angle, and trust don’t want to try to out think me..I am already 5 jumps ahead of you and know how you think..I know just where you are headed with the bodies…and yes, I do know where the bodies are buried.

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