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BLM News Releases, Sunday, July 25, 2010

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on July 25, 2010

News Release Sunday, July 25, 2010 Public Continues to Observe BLM Tuscarora Gather Operations (pdf)

News Release Sunday, July 25, 2010 BLM Releases Wild Horses After Applying Fertility Control and Adjusting Sex Ratio (pdf)


12 Responses to “BLM News Releases, Sunday, July 25, 2010”

  1. Morgan Griffith said


    • Linda H said

      Couldn’t have said it any better, Morgan. What a show they staged today! I’m sorry–who are they kidding on these “Public Observation” days? All show, no go.

  2. Morgan Griffith said

    Oh give me a stinking break–they chose a day when they raided 17 horses, of course they had time to nicely handle them and separate them. Now try a day when they raid 100+ horses into mass chaos. I repeat PHHHHHHTTTTTT!

  3. Roxy said

    A whole whopping 17 horses gathered on Sunday, 60 on Saturday.

    Why this reduction from up to 200 horses a day when advocates were NOT there to observe? Just more BLM manipulation & mirrors – bunkum!

    • Rox, There are few horses on the HMAs. 425 are off the HMAs.

      Funny, no mention that the mares and foals sent to Palomino Valley from Owyhee were already Processed and freeze branded. mar



  5. sandra longley said

    Still asking: WHY are the gates open to allow and in fact encourage horses to leave the HMA????Yet the gates throughout the HMAs are closed..anyone answering the question as to why there are only 2 bands staying in the HMA according to their inventory flyover in May????

    • sandra longley said

      We all have read Katies paper and she is an unimpeachable source, stating plenty of forage and water..WHY would those horses leave on their own?

  6. sandra longley said

    So now there are more horses in prison than prisoners..Great move can’t wait to pass this along to the general public..What a hoot…”federal agency now sending horses to prison..releasing criminals to make room for horses”..Do ya think there will be visiting days?????

  7. sandra longley said

    I suggest making fertility adjustments in the lunch room, give me a butter knife and 15 minutes ..oh yeah and a boot…

  8. sandra longley said

    Where are the photos of the horses killing the trout..I want to see some floaters…Yet BLM declared NO Impact from the Ruby Pipeline construction to those very same trout..anyone ever heard of construction workers trapped in the desert fishing or swimming in those waters?

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