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This Ain’t Your Mother’s Rescue Group!

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on July 24, 2010

Facebook buds, and others of course LOL… This is indeed an exciting day for me! My passions are the Equine and Canine friends we have on this journey, and of those two are the American Wild Mustang and the American Pit Bull Terrier. Having been involved for literally most of my life with rescues of these two noble creature’s less fortunate relatives, I am happy as pie to let everyone know that Rescue Ink has just posted the cause of our American Wild Mustang! Rescue Ink is a group of these big, tattooed-up, intimidating-as-hell biker guys from New York and they are the sweetest and kindest group of guys you could ever imagine. Their mission is to save as many dogs and cats as they can from the not-so-sweet-and-kind people of this world. Check out their Founding Members page and click the link above to learn more.

In loving memory of Sweet Max


Quick Update: Rescue Ink posted – as well – the other cause near and dear to my family… Thanks again guys!

Rescue Ink

Federal biologists are releasing thousands of endangered baby sea turtles into the western Gulf of Mexico, betting that by the time the silver dollar-sized swimmers make it to the oil-fouled waters of the eastern Gulf, BP will have cleaned up its goopy mess.

5 Responses to “This Ain’t Your Mother’s Rescue Group!”

  1. Reveil said

    Very cool I love these guys.

  2. Jan said

    love these guys and miss their show – are they going to be on tv again – i bet they could take on blm and not be intitated by them

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