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Adobe Town & Salt Wells Creek Wild Horse Removal 2010 EA & Related Documents

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on July 21, 2010

Adobe Town & Salt Wells Creek Wild Horse Removal 2010

Rawlins Field Office:

Also of interest… 

5 Responses to “Adobe Town & Salt Wells Creek Wild Horse Removal 2010 EA & Related Documents”

  1. Linda said

    Aren’t these the HMAs where the LOCAL CITIZENS oppose the BLM taking so many American Mustangs?

    Is there EVER a “Finding of Significant Impact”? The impact is certainly significant for the American Mustangs and Burros!

    And the BLM can cut the “adoption” crap. It’s totally meaningless considering the number of animals they’re kidnapping!

    • No, these are the HMAs that have the agreements with private land owners to allow wild horses to roam their lands. There are very little acres within these that are adjacent to each other. Almost all of the sections within these have private land sections that separate them. So… The BLM Rawlins Field Office – years ago – made a deal with the private land owners: If you will let the wild horses roam free on your lands, we will promise to keep their populations at AML. The private land owners agreed and the compromise has worked ever since 1979. Additionally, there is an agreement with the state of Wyoming for these HMAs… See the TMP post “Adobe Town & Salt Wells Wild Horse Removal 2010 – UPDATED” from April 2nd for more information.

  2. Linda said

    Read the April 2nd update. Sorry, I forgot this was the “tiptoe” HMA. Got it confused with Placitas, NM. That’s where the people actually want our American Mustangs and are working hard to protect them.
    The second comment was pure frustration.
    The third stands.

  3. Linda said

    RE: “Checkerboards”: Were there sales and trades of land within the AT/SW HMAs after they were set up? Same question for all the other HMAs. If so, does the BLM continue the practice?

    • said

      No ma’am, I don’t think so. This set-up is one that I and other advocacy leaders feel could be a “prime example” of how cooperation between the private and public land owners can be extremely beneficial to the horses & burros. Without such cooperation & agreements, this HMA would almost certainly be zeroed out due to the checkerboard patterns.

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