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Tuscarora: BLM Has Lifted the Temporary Closure of the Public Lands

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on July 17, 2010

The BLM has lifted the temporary closure of the public lands where gather operations are taking place.  There will be no restrictions on access to these public lands, except if necessary for safety purposes and the well-being of the horses.

Members of the public should be advised, however, that gather sites to which the at-risk horses will be brought (the first site was set up Friday, July 10) that are located on private property may or may not be accessible by the public.  It is the private landowner’s decision to allow or not allow members of the public onto the private lands. 

The BLM lacks jurisdiction over privately-owned lands and therefore, cannot independently bring the public onto private lands.  The gather sites will be located in the areas most favorable to gathering the wild horses, and given the need to move promptly with the emergency rescue operations, it is not feasible and would not be in the best interests of the wild horses to move the planned gather sites to another location.

The BLM will post maps that indicate where the gather site is located, as well as landownership status, so the public will be aware of which lands are private rather than public lands. Private lands are shown in white, and public lands are shown in yellow. 

All gather sites located on a private land in the gather area and private roads will be posted with no trespassing signs.

If You Plan to Go –Important Safety Information
It is essential to bring plenty of iced water and sports-type drinks.  There is little to no shade in this area.  While temperatures are cool in the early mornings, mid-day and afternoon temperatures can reach 90 degrees F.  Hats, sunscreen, bug repellant, snacks and study shoes are other important items to bring.  Make sure to fill your vehicle with gas before heading to the gather area.




9 Responses to “Tuscarora: BLM Has Lifted the Temporary Closure of the Public Lands”

  1. Morgan Griffith said

    With all that public land out there it seems kind of convenient that the BLM chose private sites. No surprise there.

    • Roxy said

      Morgan, agree – this is bogus manipulation!

    • Obviously BLM is following a pattern of using private property as a “dodge” around the 1st admendment right, they did it with the Calico horses and shutting out Humane Observers. There is a pattern here and their intent is to keep the public from practicing the 1st Admendment rights so—–ACLU.

      • Morgan Griffith said

        Seems this should be brought out and made a bone of contention. I don’t know if court is the place or exactly where. I’ll add it to those calls and emails that no one pays any mind to.

  2. Jan said

    seems again blm is putting itself above the law – by saying roundups are on private land – therefore owner does not have to grant access and u know they are in chahoots with blm anyway – sure hope that judge goes out there and i asked jane velez mitchell to take a film crew

  3. Aleta Pahl said

    So did the judge understand that the BLM intentionally uses private lands to hide from the public? The BLM is a bunch of thugs and criminals. If you or I abused horses like this, we would be prosecuted.

    • The way I was told on Friday was that the Judge was told the trap site was set up on the private land in order to be the closest to the herds as they are brought in from the range. This of course would have been feasible, but not sure if there are actually areas that would have been closer to the herds on public lands. I keep getting mixed messages from too many different people as to where the herds are actually at on the range! Grrrr!

  4. Barb3000 said

    Laura Leigh did find water fenced off from the horses which she took photos of the area. Anybody have a pair of sharp wire cutters? After all the fences are illegally on OUR LAND.

    • Just now saw from TCF that Laura was allowed in today… Geez! Finally!
      I’ve been wondering about the water she was able to photograph… Was is the water that was on private land or was it the water that was on public land allotments? Or even just on public lands without allotments? Have you heard yet?

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