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Tuscarora Wild Horse Gather Daily Updates from – July 14, 2010 @ 1917hrs CST

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on July 14, 2010



July 14

The BLM continues to provide food, water and veterinary care for the 216 wild horses in the on-site temporary holding corrals. The health condition of the animals continues to stabilize. Given the overall improvement of the condition of the animals that were gathered last Saturday, the BLM today shipped three truckloads with 88 mares and 41 foals (129) to the Palomino Valley Center (PVC) regional adoption facility, located 20 miles north of Sparks. 

Gathered: 0, Deaths: 0, Total deaths: 12
Shipped to PVC: 129 animals
Animals remaining at temporary holding corrals: 87

The wild horses on the Owyhee HMA are primarily in the Star Ridge area in the north and the Dry Creek area in the south. The Star Ridge group of wild horses is staying around a dry reservoir and making no attempt to move to the nearest water source, the South Fork of the Owyhee River about 10 miles away. These animals are considered at risk of dying from complications of water starvation/dehydration. While some of the Dry Creek group has recently watered, the BLM remains concerned and will continue to monitor the group.

The BLM installed six water troughs with a combined capacity of 3,000 gallons near and around a reservoir located about two to three miles from where the Star Ridge group is located, and used a water tanker to fill the troughs. If the wild horses do not independently travel to this water, the BLM will assess having the gather contractor use his helicopter to gently and slowly guide the animals toward the water with the hope that they will drink.

Photos of the Owyhee water holes, taken July 13, 2010.

July 13

Continue to provide food, water and veterinary care for horses in temporary corrals.  The health of the animals appears to be stabilizing.  No deaths.

Gathered: 0, Deaths: 0, Total deaths: 12
Number in holding: 216

July 12

Gather operations continue to be suspended.  Two more animals died and two were euthanized because of complications related to water starvation and water intoxication.

Gathered: 0, Deaths: 4, Total deaths: 12
4-year-old stud, 4-year-old stud, 4-month-old colt, 3-year-old stud

July 11

Four horses were found dead in the temporary corrals this morning. They exhibited signs of colic and brain swelling, which was subsequently attributed to water starvation/dehydration and subsequent water intoxication.  Gather operations were suspended as BLM staff, the contractor and the on-site veterinarian began providing treatment to horses showing signs of water starvation/dehydration and water intoxication.  During the day, three horses that didn’t respond to treatment were euthanized.

Gathered: 0, Deaths: 7, Total deaths: 8
3-year-old stud, 2-month-old colt, 6-year-old mare, 2-year-old stud, 5-month-old colt, 8-year-old mare, 6-year-old mare

July 10

Start gather on Owyhee HMA at 6:30 a.m. By 9 a.m., the BLM contractor had gathered 228 horses, 91 studs, 92 mares, and 45 foals/colts. One group of 32 horses within one mile of the temporary gather corrals and a second group that was about 8 miles from the corrals.

On arrival BLM saw that the animals were “drawn up” or lacking fill from water.  They were otherwise in good conditon with most scoring 4 to 5 on the Henneke body condition scale. The animals were provided water and hay through the afternoon and evening.

One horse was euthanized shortly after being gathered due to a fractured leg that occurred in the temporary holding corrals.

Gathered: 228, Deaths: 1
5-year-old mare


15 Responses to “Tuscarora Wild Horse Gather Daily Updates from – July 14, 2010 @ 1917hrs CST”

  1. The road to this reservoir and others in the southern section are Good roads for dirt and gravel. These Star Ridge horses are in the South and they should be very close to good water. Why are they not moving? Have they ever been there before? Where were they when they were driven to this place. Bands of horses do not congregate like this. This is all after the fact… BLM/Cattoors have been pulling the wool over everyones eyes. They have done nothing surprising. mar

    • sandra longley said

      400 horses in one spot Hmmm, highly unusual Holmes, wouldn’t you say…and so conviently close to the gather site..Where are the thousands of antelope and deer? That should be quite a pictue..hard to miss too

      • Well, Watson, there is the possibility of running amuck out there. After all, BLM has run amuck with our wild horses. You know that 400 wild horses would not leave good water to go somewhere where there is no water unless they were coerced! mar

  2. Whoops, Dry Creek horses are in the South!! mar

  3. Morgan Griffith said

    Very unusual behavior for any wild animal. They don’t live in the wilds without getting “street smarts” Thanks Mar, for your posts eye witness posts that help clarify the conditions and topography of this area.

  4. Lisa LeBlanc said

    I got a 2 cents to contribute, about Water Intoxication: It’s not only caused by ingesting too much water, but also by too many fluids ‘being administered.’
    It’s important, I think, to make this distinction. Some ‘professional’ information being distributed indicates, off-handedly, that the Horses brought this upon themselves.
    And I’m still roiling with ire that ‘professionals’ would not have taken heat-related consequences into consideration. Particularly when, as was noted, it appeared the Horses had no water to start with.

    • sandra longley said

      I just read an article where it was stated by the BLM that they were aware prior to the round up there would be a possibility of water intoxification.

    • “Being administered” as in an IV overdose of water… rule that out. What ‘professional’ information are you referring to?? BLMs? Yes, BLM always implies the horses have brought this on themselves and have done so in this instance also… saying the horses are just standing there. Maybe some of them are down. They were driven to this place and left, exhausted and without water. Now they may die?? No vet or Humane Society person has gone out there to see and monitor the situation. BLM claims there are independent ‘professionals’ out there.
      But BLM has been trying to cover their ass from before they put this play in motion. Set up. mar

  5. sandra longley said

    Maybe we should all plan a little road trip to document the water sources on this HMA from top to bottom..lets find out once and for all if they are liars and prove it.

  6. reveil said

    On the photo, that one truck is supposed to carry enough water to fill the water hole? Seriously?

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