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Upcoming Wild Horse & Burro Gathers, Summer 2010, Updated List 06/22/2010

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on July 3, 2010

The following are wild horse and burro gathers that are proposed to be conducted this summer. This list is up to date through June 22, 2010.

State Agency HMA Complex Start Date End Date # To Be Gathered # To Be Removed Horses/Burros
NV BLM Eagle (outside) *   3/10/10 9/29/10 50 50 Horses
NM BLM Bordo   7/7/10 7/17/10 107 50 Horses
OR FS Murderers Creek   7/1/10 9/30/10 50 50 Horses
OR FS Big Summit   7/1/10 9/30/10 50 50 Horses
OR BLM Ligget Table   7/1/10 9/30/10 40 40 Horses
NV BLM Owyhee Owyhee Complex 7/9/10 8/1/10 660 595 Horses
NV BLM Rock Creek (outside) Owyhee Complex 7/9/10 8/1/10 358 358 Horses
NV BLM Rock Creek  Owyhee Complex 7/9/10 8/1/10 250 50 Horses
NV BLM Little Humbolt Owyhee Complex 7/9/10 8/1/10 80 30 Horses
OR BLM Cold Springs   7/11/10 7/16/10 187 112 Horses
OR BLM Murderers Creek   7/18/10 7/23/10 100 100 Horses
NV BLM Moriah   8/10/10 8/12/10 72 72 Horses
UT BLM Confusion Conger 8/14/10 8/25/10 300 250 Horses
UT BLM Conger Conger 8/14/10 8/25/10 260 230 Horses
CA BLM Twin Peaks   8/9/10 9/23/20 2301 1853 Horses
OR FS Stinking Water   8/18/10 8/23/10 215 175 Horses
CO BLM Piceance/East Douglas HMA   8/25/10 9/3/10 380 340 Horses
NV BLM Reveille   9/4/10 9/8/10 235 195 Horses
NV BLM Montezuma   9/9/10 9/13/10 155 155 Burros/Horses
UT BLM Winter Ridge HA   9/15/10 9/23/10 200 200 Horses
NV BLM Paymaster   9/14/10 9/16/10 45 45 Horses
NV BLM Silver King   9/18/10 9/30/10 600 500 Horses
CA BLM Twin Peaks   8/9/10 9/23/10 302 205 Burros
NV BLM Reveille   9/4/10 9/8/10 235 195 Burros
NV BLM Montezuma   9/9/10 9/13/10 155 155 Burros/Horses
AZ BLM Cibola   9/25/10 9/30/10 100 100 Burros
*Will Continue thru September as they are found outside the HMA. Total Horses Planned to be Gathered 6,645    
Total Burros Planned to be Gathered 792    
     These totals are for the summer months of 2010 only. Total Horses Planned to be Removed 5,450    
      Total Burros Planned to be Removed 655    

13 Responses to “Upcoming Wild Horse & Burro Gathers, Summer 2010, Updated List 06/22/2010”

  1. T, Bordo was in June. Stinking Water is Burns, Oregon and is supposed to be July 1 to 6 for removal of 60 horses. Cold Springs is Vale, OR, July 11 to 16, for 81 removed. Cattoors are the contractor. There is also Vernal, Utah… Winter Ridge, HA, July 18 to 24, and Hill Creek HA, July 25 to 31. Cook is contractor there. mar

    • Mar… LOL I’m just posting information that was sent to me via BLM as updated thru June 22nd.
      When I first recieved it I didn’t think it looked right either. However, I was assured it was so here it is for you all to review.
      Cattoors are the contractor for all gathers listed above except for a few according to the list I recieved.
      For some reason I’m wanting to say that Bordo was postponed for a month, but I may be getting senile.
      Stinkingwater is listed as Oregon in the list. (Was this was the one that was postponed?)
      Winter Ridge is listed but even after double checking Hill Creek wasn’t listed.
      None of the numbers seem to add up right, but there again, this is what was sent to me.

      • Yep, they have been listing these 3 together and separate and added 425 off the HMAs. The listing this year has been rather wild but since the suit was decided for the time being, they have gone back to adding more. This way they can still do a stealth roundup if they are brave enough. I think they may have already. We have not got the info as we are the perceived enemy. Sad to say. If it were possible to stop the roundups and actually change course on the management practices, we might all get some peace and be able to enjoy the presence of our wild horses for a change. mar

    • sandra longley said

      Stinking water is rescheduled for August 18-23..also they recinded their decision to return geldings to the HMA after receiving comments..

  2. Another one “not listed”…

    Release Date: 06/24/10
    Contacts: Heather Emmons , 775-861-6594 ,
    News Release No. 2010-33

    BLM Tuscarora Wild Horse Gather to Begin July 9

    Elko, Nev. – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Elko District, Tuscarora Field Office, is scheduled to begin the Tuscarora wild horse gather on July 9, and it will last about three weeks. The BLM will remove about 1,137-1,197 wild horses located on the Owyhee, Rock Creek and Little Humboldt Herd Management Areas (HMAs), and including about 425 wild horses located outside the Rock Creek HMA, northwest of Elko, Nev., in Elko County.

    The BLM estimates there are about 1,550 wild horses in the gather area and any horses gathered above targeted removal numbers will be released back to the HMAs so that the remaining population is within the appropriate management level range of 337-561. The mares released back to the range would be vaccinated with PZP-22 (Porcine Zona Pellucida) fertility control vaccine. The gather, removal and fertility control are intended to slow population growth, maintain population size within the appropriate management levels and extend the time before another gather to remove excess wild horses would be needed. Additionally, adjustment of sex ratios of the gathered animals to be returned to the HMAs may be made to 60 percent male/40 percent female ratios. The Tuscarora Field Office issued the Decision Record for the Final Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Owyhee, Rock Creek and Little Humboldt Herd Management Areas Gather Plan on June 7.

    The BLM will announce public observation days for the gather and will regularly provide updates and information on its website at:

    “The current wild horse population in these HMAs is more than three times what the range can sustain,” said Field Manager David Overcast. “We need to gather and remove the excess wild horses to achieve a thriving natural ecological balance on the land and address the horse populations that have moved outside the HMA boundaries. By keeping the wild horse population within the appropriate management levels, we can prevent further deterioration of Lahontan cutthroat trout streams, riparian zones, wildlife habitat, wilderness values and other important resources in these HMAs.”

    The forage and water supplies have become very limited due to extreme drought conditions in the HMAs. Climate data from the National Weather Service shows that precipitation for the current water year (beginning Oct. 1, 2009) is about 30 percent below the thirty-year average. Additionally, the HMAs also have been severely impacted by catastrophic wildfires in 2001 and 2006.

    The BLM will use helicopters to gather the wild horses and will transport the animals by motorized vehicles. The use of helicopters, which is authorized by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, has proven to be a safe, effective, and practical means for gathering excess wild horses from the public lands, and large scale geographic areas such as the Tuscarora gather area. Horses removed from the range will be offered for adoption to qualified individuals. Unadopted horses will be placed in long-term pastures where they will be humanely cared for and treated, and will retain their “wild” status and protection under the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. The BLM does not sell or send any horses to slaughter.

    The gather and impacts are described and analyzed in the Owyhee, Rock Creek and Little Humboldt Herd Management Areas Gather Plan Final EA. The EA, a video about the gather and other gather-related information are posted on the BLM website at:

    For more information, please call Tuscarora Field Manager David Overcast, 775-753-0320.


    • sandra longley said

      Hey MR. might want to update your dramatic drought predictions..turns rained for 3 extra months this year and grass is tickling everyones belly

  3. A web-bit from an email about an hour ago, Re: Wild Horse Census of the Big Summit Herd Management Area in the Ochoco National Forest west of Prineville Oregon:
    “July 2, 2010: The unofficial count at this time is approximately 71 horses (stallions, mares, young, and foals). The frustrating part is that there are about 40 horses in one area and since it’s breeding season, the stallions are battling it out…with a few injuries. Unfortunately when this happens, the lil’ ones get in the way. One foal got a broken leg. The foal was taken to the vet in town, but it was too bad to try to mend and had to be put down. We can’t stop what Mother Nature instills in the wild horses, but we all think that if Dreamsicle and his band had not been captured last winter and then released back into the wild, the situation probably would not exist. But that’s just our theory.

    • This is just life on the range. Big Summit was supposed to have been gathered this winter to remove 15 horses. Yes, Stinking Water was postponed to August, tentatively. But July has one big bunch of roundup/removals coming in OR, NV, and Utah. mar



  5. This is from the 29th from online. I had looked for it but it had not been where it is now until Cloud got it the other day. mar

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