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NC county may say whoa to increasingly popular wild horse tours along Outer Banks beaches

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on June 27, 2010

NC county may say whoa to increasingly popular wild horse tours along Outer Banks Beaches

By the Associated Press 12:06 PM EDT, June 27, 2010

COROLLA, N.C. (AP) — A county along North Carolina’s Outer Banks is considering limits on increasingly popular tours to see wild horses galloping along the beach.

Currituck County commissioners told The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk, Va., they are considering a moratorium on new horse tours to protect the animals and respond to complaints from residents.

The Outer Banks are one of the few places where wild horses roam along the beach. Currently, eight companies with 45 vehicles have county permits to take tourists to see the 100 or so horses that usually travel in small groups.
This is the first year Currituck County has required permits.

Wild Horse Adventure Tours owner Richard Brown says bookings in 2010 are already at the same level where they peaked last July.


7 Responses to “NC county may say whoa to increasingly popular wild horse tours along Outer Banks beaches”

  1. Linda said

    A place where wild horses are TOO POPULAR? Amazing!

    • You should come over to Chincoteague VA and stand in the marsh mud and fight off the mosquitoes to watch the ponies swim! About 50 thousand people do some years. I did it once–now I wander over to the island and watch them at the water hole. Lots of “herd watchers” on Assateague Island. My friend just came back from the Outer Banks and said that the area where the Corolla ponies were was closed off. They do have problems in North Carolina with ponies being hit on the beach by 4 wheelers.

  2. Roxy said

    So our western wild horse states want to try to open slaughter plants to help their local economy (which we know won’t in the long run) but cannot figure out that they have a gold mine in the wild horses?

    Heaven forbid they should have such a problem of motels bursting at the seams with tourists, shops raking in sales!

  3. Roxy said

    Isn’t it one wild horse western state that has the motorcyle bunch every year – always hear of cimre problems with that.

    I’m pretty sure that a bunch of wild horse tourists, spread out with a permit system, will not create any crime problems -but, then again, I don’t really know any of you!

  4. The town of Chincoteague depends mainly on the Chincoteague ponies and the attraction of the water. Their seafood industry mainly oysters went south awhile back due to a disease.
    Even the US Fish and Wildlife that runs the Refuge puts on a special bus to take the horse crazy old women up to the north area to see the ponies during the Pony Penning Week. They used to make us sign a paper saying we would not wander off from the area under threat of big fines and jail time! They just give us a lecture now about their “rules”. So that is the closet you get to the criminal element typical wild horse tourist in Chincoteague. We are known to get a little “rowdy” later in the day at the local restaurant water hole. lol

  5. Roxy said

    Barbara, Funny! Thanks so much! So you disappointed them, they thought they might have some jail cells to fill, some big excitment! But, enough silly for now. Thanks again.

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