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Silver King Herd Management Area Wild Horse Gather w/ Grazing Allotment Info…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on June 23, 2010

Silver King Herd Management Area Wild Horse Gather

The BLM Ely District, Schell Field Office is seeking public comment on the Silver King Herd Management Area Wild Horse Gather Preliminary Environmental Assessment, which addresses the need to remove approximately 445 excess wild horses from in and around the Silver King Herd Management Area (HMA), to bring the number of wild horses in the HMA to the appropriate management level of about 60 animals.  The HMA is located approximately 70 miles south of Ely.  The proposed gather is scheduled to begin in September 2010.  The BLM will accept comments until July 16, 2010.

Appropriate management level for the Silver King HMA is 60-128 wild horses, but there are currently more than 500 wild horses within the HMA.  The proposed gather is needed to remove excess wild horses to help prevent further deterioration of the range, achieve and maintain a thriving natural ecological balance and achieve and maintain healthy, viable wild horse populations.  If more than 445 wild horses are gathered, selective removal criteria would be used to return horses to the range.  Of the horses remaining on the range, BLM would conduct fertility control measures on mares and/or adjust the sex ratios of the gathered animals to be returned to the HMA to 60 percent male/40 percent female ratios.

Please address written comments to:

BLM Ely District Office
Attn: Mary D’Aversa, Schell Field Manager
HC 33 Box 33500
Ely, NV 89301 

Comments may be submitted electronically to  Comments need to be post marked (if mailed), faxed, or emailed to no later than 7-16-2010. 

The only email comments that will be considered are emails sent to Email comments sent to any other email address WILL NOT be considered.

For more information, contact Ben Noyes, BLM Ely District wild horse and burro specialist, at (775) 289-1800.

Grazing Allotment Information

Ely Approved RMP & ROD - Page 215 - Table 1

42 Responses to “Silver King Herd Management Area Wild Horse Gather w/ Grazing Allotment Info…”

  1. sandra longley said

    First off..these SOBs are treating all mares released with PZP..this is and will be a non breeding herd.
    this are is 8HMAs covering 600,000 acres of land for gods sake..they are in DIRECT violation of the 1971 law..sue them…

    “The BLM is currently authorized to remove livestock from HMA “if necessary to provide habitat for wild horses or burros, to implement herd management actions, or to protect wild horses or burros from disease, harassment or injury” under CFR 4710.5. This authority is usually applied in cases of emergency and not for general management of wild horses or burros.”

    there are cattle allotments and we need a Cattle alotment EA to see the details..T-can we find this..we have to start reading these before we comment.

    • Looking them up now… Having a hard time finding them however… Surely they did one? 😐

      • sandra longley said

        I think they said in the first document i read ‘we don’t need to do a cattle alotment EA”..I think they are just testing to see if we really read this crap..I am just testing to see if they deserve a paycheck..Do individuals sign these documents so we can ask specifically that they be fired????

  2. sandra longley said

    I came up with 85,587 cattle total on allotments-you have a figure of 85,000 aums used by horses over 10 years, thats around 8,000+ aums per year for somewhere around 600 horses as opposed to 85,587 for cattle per year??? Also on the allotment grazing chart updated the 23 of june is shows allotments being used at 100% how does that jive with the figure in the EA( which is not really a cattle allotment EA by my is just a further justification of what they are attempting to do…

    • Ooooooook! I still haven’t found the Allotment EAs for this HA / HMA… Still digging of course.
      What I did find so far is some interesting tidbits from the BLM Ely DO “Grazing” webpage…

      Grazing Permit Renewal Information
      Of the 261 million acres of surface land administered by the BLM, 160 million acres are authorized for livestock grazing as part of the BLM’s multiple-use mandate. The goal of the rangeland management program is to create sustainable, working landscapes that are economically sound and ecologically healthy.
      Ranching families have played a key role in the history and development of the American West and are important to the economic vitality and quality of life for eastern Nevada communities. In addition, the rancher increasingly plays an important role in protecting open space in areas of increasing population growth.
      There are 242 livestock grazing allotments within the Ely District. The Ely District administers 226 of the allotments. The Ely Field Office administers 143 allotments and the Caliente Field Station administers 83 allotments. Other BLM districts in Nevada administer eleven allotments, and the BLM St. George Field Office, in St. George, Utah, administers one allotment.
      Today, 139 livestock permittees hold term permits authorizing grazing on public lands administered by the Ely District. Ten of the permittees are sheep operators and 129 are cattle operators.
      Ely District range staff has responsibility for issuing grazing permits to the permittees, billing for grazing use on public lands, assessing and mitigating the impacts of livestock grazing on land health, overseeing the installation and maintenance of range improvements and monitoring livestock use to insure compliance with grazing rules and regulations. The range program also provides support and input to other programs in the office such as mining, realty and noxious weed control.
      Grazing Permit Renewals by Year
      Range Improvement Projects

      • sandra longley said

        So where does the “economically sound” aspect of cattle allotments show factor the loses on the 1.35 an acre, and add the 1 million dollars spent this year(with 42 million spent on the first of 6 ranches anticipated for long term holding)so just how is it economically feasible unless steak costs $1,000 an ounce??? Hey, I don’t have an economics degree..but it seems awfully expense to raise beef on public lands..for the taxpayer that is…

      • sandra longley said

        The key role ranchers played was killing off the sheep men and burning out the homsteaders..more folklore revisionist history….

  3. sandra longley said

    All I can say is that they must have been drinking in a bar on night to come up with these figures..a third grader could have done a better job..they made no attempt to give a logical explaination for this..

  4. sandra longley said

    5 of these cattle allotments are used year around..this is the craziest one I have read so far..I need to go find that bar they are hanging out i can do BLM “think”

  5. sandra longley said

    The horses have HMAs, why don’t cattle have their own CMAs? There is 100 million acres left that don’t have a cow patty on them..why not move them to that acreage and let the miners and energy developers have a whack at them-free beef…”multiple use”-roast, bar-b-que or broil…

  6. I’m coming up empty handed after an hour of searching for the freakin’ allotment EAs. Usually I can hit them in about 15 minutes – if that. This one is gonna have to wait til tomorrow. I’m beat LOL.

    • sandra longley said

      Thanks T, if you can’t find it..its not there..wouldn’t trade you for 5 bloodhounds and a carrier pigeon..The more i read the more frustrated I got..The information is overly if they repeat it a million times it “will be so” or people will drop like flies trying to figure it out..NOTHING adds up..I have found all kinds of conflicting statements and figures..but the one thing I keep coming back to-seems to be a non reproducing herd..someone else needs to read this and tell me they see what i see, I looked at the post on clouds home page and they did not say it was non-reproducing..but man you can get bogged down in this one..because throughout elsewhere they talk about lower foaling rates..yada yada..first of all they plan on removing ALL horses rounded up, because they only think they can find 80% on a roundup(so we know they are going to do like they did on the calicos)..Then they will come back in 2011 and round up the rest..adjust sex ratios and PZP ALL mares..WHAT is the “cumlative” effect- a non breeding herd of mares being harrassed by a 60% stallion ratio..They are also zeroing out 2 herd areas within these HMAs..see this is where we get into problems with these complexes, combining the herd areas allows them to come back and remove some..remove more hores than they would have been able to if they had remained seperate HMAs, allowing only 60 head of horses on this vast acreage is ludicrous, when you are allowing 58,ooo+cattle and more sheep on allotments for the most part that are year around,,They say over utilization..Yet I found only 2 red dots indicating small areas of over grazing most were moderate grazing orange and yellow dots..yet we have no maps of the cattle allotments to show the proximity of the cattle allotments or fences to those areas..They have not addressed improvements to the range-such as water sources, or any management that has been done that would enhance the movement of horses..This is outright mismanagement, and if we dig deep enough I am positive we will find corruption and collusion..this is just god awful..not a legal term, just my overwhelming sense of frustration on this one..trying to dump a load of paper to justify the unjustifiable.

      • sandra longley said

        I could write a thesis on what is wrong with this EA and their conclusions..guess i need to print it out..reams of paper and start highlighting problems and conflicting statements…good thing there is some time before comments are due..folks don’t wait on this one, can’t do it at the last minute…a lawyer needs to look at this one for a lawsuit.

      • sandra longley said

        could find a “multiple use” for the paper….as a catologue in an outhouse..move over Sears na Roebook..theres a new guy in the poop-o-meter-

      • I want to hit on that specific topic for a moment: the adjustment of the sex ratios.
        You’ve actually stated one of the biggest reasons why I and countless others are against this method of “population control” for wild horses. The 40% of mares will and do become targets for the 60% of studs. Yes, in some cases there is a stud strong enough and high enough in the hierarchy to fend off the other fiends in the defense of his harem. But let’s face facts here: he can’t fight them all, and there will be battles… MANY BATTLES. This method is completely and totally, undeniably and unbelievably WRONG!
        The best way to explain this for anyone who does not yet fully understand the herd dynamics of wild horses… I know that this analogy seems somewhat crude. I know that to some it will be offensive. I also know this to be the absolute truth because I have witnessed this atrocity first hand, as have many of you in the wild horse advocacy world whether you realized it or not. (In horses, not humans that is.) I suppose I should put a little “warning” here… If you are easily offended, have sensitivity to crimes of a sexual nature, or have other emotional difficulties hearing/reading descriptions of the same, you should probably skip over the rest of this comment.
        Imagine that you are the only female on a deserted island populated by three men. You and these three men are the ONLY inhabitants of this deserted island. You are fertile and they are, well, not to be crude but being blunt… horny. Their sole purpose is to populate this deserted island with their genetics. They do not have the capacity to care for the harassment, stress, and physical trauma you will experience as a result of this drive to procreate and ensure the survival of their genetics because of this drive. No matter how hard and fast you run, they outnumber you and you will get caught, repeatedly. Yes, the repetitive breeding is counterproductive to the concept of one male ensuring his genetics, but it is also a security measure: the more of one particular set of genetics in the pot, the more chance there is for that set of genetics to be the “winner”.
        There are two other trickle down effects from this method:
        Your age does not matter. Whether you are old enough to have achieved the physical strength and anatomy to withstand the breeding itself, remain healthy while carrying, to even carry to term, or to survive giving birth is not considered. Whether you are old enough to have achieved the mental maturity to adequately care for the offspring if you carry to term is not considered. By the same token, none of these factors are considered when your age has progressed beyond the healthy reproductive stage.
        Assuming that you are able to pull off this amazing feat of reproduction and you give birth to offspring, and of course assuming that this offspring is able to survive, your problems increase greatly: You are the maternal genetic code. If your offspring is male, you now have four males with the sole purpose in life to ensure the survival of their genetics.
        As the male offspring matures to adolescence his chances of survival decrease by 50%. Competition is not something well tolerated by mature males. Exile is common. If the male offspring has the strength and luck to remain in the very small population, his life’s goal becomes another problem for you yes, but also for the decreased viability of your population’s gene pool. Remember, you are the maternal genetic code. Without an outside source of genetics to add to your own, the resultant offspring’s genetics are recycled by 75% (the other 25% being of course from the paternal genetics.)
        If the offspring is female, she has a better chance of genetic productiveness than the male. She is one added to you. However, this is now two female sources of genetics for two male sources of genetics, not a two to three ratio. Remember, her paternal genetics are from one of the males on the deserted island. Obviously, the paternal male will not remove himself from the reproduction efforts simply because of his relationship to the offspring. She has the same possible outcome of producing offspring with 75% recycled genetics. Unfortunately, because she is female, she will also now be subjected to the same fate as you: a life of constant harassment, stress, and physical trauma.
        What end result does this scenario produce? Physically, this will be a population of genetically recycled beings, likely wrought with genetic abnormalities, constant illnesses, and drastically shorter life spans. The population as a whole will “breed itself to extinction” in a matter of generations. Mentally, this population will be tormented.

        • sandra longley said

          Very well articulated..I might add, the incedence of twinning will rise from constant breeding, while one stud is recovering from his breeding another stud will cover this mare..this is if a mare is fertile..if PZPd this mare will not be fertile and become pregnant(as is natural in reproductive cycles- the mare does not come into heat for 9-to 11 months out of the year when pregnant..thus has a rest from the stallions..PZP makes a mare infertile but does not end her heat cycle..a mare potential then will cycle for 12 months out of the year every 21 days..the reproductive system created by mother nature in the mare is NOT designed to withstand constant breeding by multiple stallions over the course of 2 can either kill the mare or damage the reproductive system..and in the stallions cause year around battles to breed these mares who never go out of heat..This totally disrupts what nature has designed for animals..It is cruel and inhuman treatment.Way beyond waterboarding





    As a result of limited water, the Silver King HMA is prone to drought every few years.

    Wildlife in the area includes mule deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, kit foxes, cottontail rabbits, badgers, jackrabbits, and several species of ground squirrels. There are also Sage grouse, blue grouse, Chukar, golden eagles, several species of neo-tropical birds, and occasionally in the winter bald eagles. Reptiles include many species of lizards, poisonous (rattlesnakes) and non-poisonous snakes.


    Neotropical Bird Club
    Aims to foster an interest in the birds of the Neotropics (Central America, South America and its associated islands and the Caribbean) and their conservation

    • Say what???
      Where was this at? I missed this part!
      They have the gaul and audacity to claim that the American Wild Mustang is an invasive species while implanting NEO-TROPICAL BIRDS!!!???
      Somebody get my rope!


    As a result of limited water, the Silver King HMA is prone to drought every few years
    (3) the presence of water sources on both private and public lands inside and outside the HMA would make it almost impossible to restrict wild horse access to the extent needed to effectively gather and remove the excess animals.

  10. The more I get into this particular EA (and it’s accompanying documents), the more I see waaaayyyyy too many inconsistencies. I mean, yea, every EA we read has them. Just seems like this particular one has more than its fair share. I think what gets me the most about all of it is the fact that this HMA is in the Ely District. I’m not usually one to harbor prejudices but I must admit that I do hold a prejudice against this specific district. They have systematically zeroed out nearly every single HA and HMA in their reach. What we see in the place of these once Equine-populated areas is the new energy projects, new residential and commercial developments, and n’er a one wild horse or burro. Of all of the districts in Nevada, THIS district is – in my humble opinion – the most anti-Equine. Their RMPs have consistently shown their preference for just about any other animal they can think of OTHER than the Equines. How can this be legal? Well, I don’t think it is. Road block here is simply that the other interests have more money and stroke than we do.

  11. LOUIE COCROFT said


  12. LOUIE COCROFT said


  13. LOUIE COCROFT said


  14. LOUIE COCROFT said



  15. sandra longley said

    OK..point to be 5 photos of destroyed land..Thephoto of the burn…how long ago was it from the time this photo was taken? PLUS, look at that stud pile….that is 2 to 3 days manure for 1 stud..a strong possibility that the next stud that came along marked that pile..I know my stud piles, and i know how and why studs use them..don’t throw that picture in there to try an mislead the public..
    Second photo..dry lake bed…typically dry lake beds are forage to speak of ..they have given no coraborating evidence to back these photos up…that would be the scientific approach, before and after photos or cages set up tpo prove their was forage there before..please point this out in your evidence of any plants or shubs in that whole valley of dry lake bed..horses donot eat sagebrush..where is the sage??? there never was forage in this lakebed..we need to ask craig to look at these pictures..they are falsifying evidence.

    • sandra longley said

      In both these photos they claimed excessive use by horses

    • sandra longley said

      Evidence..if there were heavy use of this area by herds of wild horses..that stud pile would have been 5 feet tall..seriously..I have them in my stud pens..and “they’ do not like it when you remove them..perhaps i should send a picture of one to the BLM..anyone know if these people live in “area 56” or whatever that twilight zone is called???

      • sandra longley said

        Whoops, I am getting a vision of BLM employees hauling truckloads of manure from fallon out to the desert to build their own..replica manure piles…I put nothing past them anymore..the only thing that may hold them back..lazyness

  16. sandra longley said

    This is the FIRST HMA we are reading since the “internal” document came out instructing these “aliens” to start plugging the holes that were allowing lawsuits to be brought and won on the basis they were “not considering and addressing the “cumulative effects” aspects of their decisions..which explains the redundancy and overkill of meaningless and useless graphs and charts…anyone got those figured out??? They have tried in this HMA to throw everything at- it including the kitchen sink in order to get something meaningful to land on it…caughtcha didn’t I???? So we need to go looking for “cumulative effects” ..put your thinking caps on folks look for things buried under all the wood they tried to throw on top of it…that is where “it” is thing comes to mind they have missed right off the top..Lets see what our best minds here on the blog can come up with..If it is really juicy..lets share it off-line..but we need to let all advocates know so it can be addressed in the comments..

  17. LOUIE COCROFT said


  18. sandra longley said

    ok, 600,000 acres, leaving 60 horses-thats 10,000 acres per horse.. on a non-breeding herd..10,ooo acres to feed one horse…are you aliens growing weed and smoking it on the rest of those acres??? You obviously don’t expect to be taken seriously do you??? someone help me here..i am running out of adjectives here..

    • sandra longley said

      This EA following on the heels of the WH&B meetings in denver is a Methane Gas Explosion of the manure piles you tried to build there..a pyramid of meaningless crap.

  19. LOUIE COCROFT said


  20. LOUIE COCROFT said


  21. sandra longley said

    yeah, trunk monkeys “gone wild”.
    Back to the dry lake bed, took the magnifying tool to get a better look..still no evidence that there was significant forage there to begin with..but look at the hills around full of sage..I personally have ridden through dry lake beds in the high desert and find this one to represent a typical scene..will do some more indepth researce on the subject..There are a jillion environemental sources online that discuss the extreme damage done by can read for hours and still only hit the tip of the iceberg..

  22. LOUIE COCROFT said


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