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Winnemucca District Office Current NEPA Projects & Documents…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on March 25, 2010

The following are links to the NEPA documents currently posted on the Winnemucca District’s website. I would suggest that you download them now as they may not be available later – what with “technical issues” and all…

Lands & Minerals

Project Title Location Project Lead Status
Final Environmental Assessments
Black Rock NCA Administrative Facility T. 32 N., R. 23 E., Secs. 15 & 16: North of Gerlach, Washoe County   Roger Farschon Decision Record and completed EA
Preliminary Environmental Assessments
School House Butte Land Sale Humboldt County Julie McKinnon Preliminary Environmental Assessment
None at this time.      
Project Title Location Project Lead Status
Final Environmental Assessments
Blue Mountain Geothermal Development Project T35N, R34E, T36N, R34E(Humboldt County) Rebecca Lange EA completedand Decision Record
Preliminary Environmental Assessments
None at this time.      
TGP/New York Canyon Exploration T25N, R35E, T26N, R35E, T25N, R36E, T26N, R36E
(Pershing and Churchill Counties)
 Bob Edwards  Scoping


Project Title Location Project Lead Status
Kings River Valley Lithium Exploration Project T44N, R35E, secs 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 17 Kathleen Rehberg EA Completed and Decision Record
Standard Mine Expansion T30N, R33E secs 1, 2 and 6;  T31N, R33 E secs 34, 35 and 36 (Pershing County) Fred Holzel EA Completed and Decision Record
Preliminary Environmental Assessments
Sandman Exploration Project T37N, R35E, secs  11-15, 22-26, and 36; T37N, R36E, secs 7, 18-20, 22, and 27-33; T36N, R35E, secs 12, 23, and 24; T36N, R36E, secs 4-9, 13, 17-24, 26, 27, 29, and 30 (Humboldt County)  Kathleen Rehberg  Preliminary EA
Kings River Valley Uranium Exploration Project T45N, R34E, sec 4, 9, and 16; T46N, R34E, sec 22, 27,28, 33 and 34 Jean Black Scoping
Coeur Rochester T28N, R34E (Pershing County) Bob Edwards Scoping


Project Title Location Contact  Status
Final Environmental Assessments
Ten Year Grazing Permit Renewal for the Washburn Allotment Washburn Allotment, Humboldt County Mandy DeForest   Final EA and Decision 
Preliminary Environmental Assessments
Jersey Valley, Hole in the Wall, and Home Station Gap Allotments
Range Improvements in the Jersey Valley and Hole in the Wall Allotments
Jersey Valley Allotment
Hole in the Wall Allotment
Home Station Gap Allotment
Mandy DeForest Preliminary EA


Project Title Location Contact  Status
None at this time.      


Project Title Location Project Lead Status
Final Environmental Assessments
Santa Rosa Mountains Fuels Break Project  Humboldt County Jeff Johnson Preliminary EA
Preliminary Environmental Assessments
None at this time.      


Project Title Location Project Lead Status
Final Environmental Assessments
Desert Dace Instream Structures  Humboldt County  Roger Farschon EA Completed, Decision Record and FONSI
Preliminary Environmental Assessments
 None at this time.      
Categorical Exclusions
 (Cell was blank on NEPA page.)      

Wild Horses and Burros 

Project Title Location Project Lead Status
Final  Environmental Assessments
Calico Complex Gather East and West Black Rock Range, Calico Mountains, Granite Range and Warm Springs Canyon Jerome Fox EA Completed
Preliminary Environmental Assessments                       
 None at this time      

13 Responses to “Winnemucca District Office Current NEPA Projects & Documents…”

  1. jan said

    how can i download a file off of blm – dont want to print its too much


    • Click on the link so you can get to the page… Then once you find the link for the files on that page, right click and choose “Save Target As”. It will save it to whichever file you choose on your hard drive.

  2. Tracie, do you know who Jerome Fox is?? He is Project Lead for WH&B Calico.. is he a board member? mar

  3. BLM Board of Advisors for WH&B? I never see that name around.. so I was wondering who he is? I thought the specialist was a woman? There is one who shows at Fallon for visitors.He has managed to stay under the radar…

    There is Linda’s lithium exploration.. all the things we have been discovering.. mar



    WINNEMUCCA, NV 89446

  5. sandra longley said

    Please all, read the final assesment from the calicos..This will give you the history of the calico complex that I have certainly never heard before..And a hypothesis I had never heard..and will provide a basis for challenge based on their assesment-and in retrospect as to the outcome of the gather..most important pages start on 39..They are allowing themselves a year to do a determination as to how many horses are acually left on the calicos…and this needs to be challenged..Without an actual head count they should not be allowed to dispose of any of the horses…A count is needed of how many studs and mares as groups they have captured and individual age groups numbers,we cannot let them get away with the blanket amounts they stated in their assesments in 2004 to 2008..They have previously stated colored horses are uncommon in the calico complex-they are predominately bays and sorrels..which is true of any groupings of horses..but color seems to be pretty prevelant in the calico horses.

    • I just wanted to post this here and at RT’s and Cloud… It is a sweet story for one of Medina’s victims at 3 Strikes and also a suggestion about a place from Jim Weber, friend of RT’s… mar

      Hey Marilyn,

      There has been a new response posted to the following discussion on
      Idea for Change in America: STOP cruel BLM round ups of WILD HORSES

      Goodmorning all!
      Well yesterday was a good day here on the place.

      I kept a mare from the horse rescue I was involved in almost a year ago…yesterday that pretty bay mare presented me with a beautiful bay stud colt…this colt shouldn’t be alive and the mare should have never concieved and stayed bred…but she did all that..even though her body condition and overall health was severely jeopardized, she had the colt unassisted….

      What are the chances?…pretty slim I would imagine…it does prove how resilent the Mustang is, and it does prove that a horse will give up a lot to have a colt…I know this mare gave everything she could in her power to make this fetus viable and strong enough to survive…how it made it, and made it without any problems is a miracle and a credit to the survivability of the American Mustang…I have 2 of these Mustangs now and I thank my maker for the privelege…

      As much as some of you disagree with my thinking at times…I know someone is watching what I do for the horses, he blesses me in really neat ways…so I know I have a purpose here for the horses….

      With that in mind, I have a really neat idea…Someone besides me ramrod it though…but here is an idea….

      There just happens to be a 16,500 acre ranch coming up for sale here in western nebraska, it was a Boys home and part of a really good plan to raise young boys in a rural seting and let them work through their troubles by working this ranch…the place has a huge gymnasium, corrals, 6 dwellings, dormitories and a kitchen facility…with a lot of luck and money…this thing could run about 250 head of Mustangs on the pastures and put up enough hay to winter that herd….It is well watered with numerous windmills and fresh water lakes and has been well maintained, the fences are in excellent shape….

      If you people could find the right investors, you could save a lot of horses with very little government could be self supporting…with the right management tools you could produce some really saleable horses and create a learning center for the Mustangs…you would have ample room to put up 65 people a day to educate about the horses, you could charge for the privelege…it would be a working environment….could you imagine the publicity and benefit to all the horses out there….

      Anyway it’s just a neat thought, it could be accomplished and I think it bears looking into….I’d appreciate any comments…

      I am not interested in running it…I am just throwing this out there to see if there would be an interest among your group….

      Please fill free to comment here or to me via my cell number 308-760-1983.


      • said

        I believe I know just the one for this task! She’s been looking, and no *good* luck so far… Gimme a few, I’ll letcha know… Thx for this info!
        Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry



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